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David Bowie

Ground control to Major Tom, we've lost a legend and being a fan of David Bowie's music and a movie buff, I thought I'd put together a slide of David in films, mew.
Rest in peace, David (Ziggy Stardust), wherever you are spreading love in the universe, mew... As for the rest of the Internet, what's your favorite song?
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It is hard to pick @shannonl5 !
I spent a lot of yesterday listening to Starman and The Man Who Sold the World. Honestly his music defined so much of my life I think it would be impossible for me to pick just one song. He was an inspiration to so many of my favorite artists as well. I'm so grateful to him.He'll be missed
Mine has to be Lady Stardust, it just perfectly encapsulates that feeling of getting on the stage and singing. It's perfect for musicians everywhere.
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