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Stages of a Diet

Stage 1: Realization.

you realize that you ate all the food in your kitchen that is worth eating.

Stage 2: Deciding to have a Diet.

you finally decide that you will limit yourself to how much you eat.

Stage 3: Regret.

you regret that you made this choice because you realize you feel incomplete without food.

Stage 4: Breaking the diet.

within the first hour of your diet you have decided that this was a stupid idea and food is life.

Stage 5: Eating to the heart's content.

reverting to your normal routine

Stage 8: Overeating...but continuing to eat more.

your stomach hurts but it s soooo good...

Back to stage 1.

realizing you ate everthing again...
story of my LIFE lol (brian's face is perfect hahahahha)
Lol IKR!!!
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