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does our generation value relationships??
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that was well said.. because the fact is that life is not a k-drama.. and neither is marriage a fantasy.. it's real.. it's life.. and in life you need to be realistic.. like they say "love doesn't fill your tummies" but it gives you the strength to go on.. and it's never all flowers.. you need to struggle and work it out.. marriage is such.. it's not a happy ride.. it's a bumpy one.. you just need to sit tight!
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@oj1992 @neaa That is exactly right, my younger sisters. Love is definitely not enough and it is definitely work to keep a relationship working. Communication, compromise, and respect are so important. If you have those, you can make it work and the bond will only get stronger. :)
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By the way! @neaa So gooooooood to see you everywhere on here now. I miss our talks. Sniff.
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me too miss you!! PS RESPECT is the keyword to all successful relationships!
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Yes, people today seem to throw away relationships to quickly, they don't want to have to work at it ...
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