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The 3 Countries Where Adele Isn't No.1

To tell you they're sorry for breaking your heart, Adele.

WHAT!? Adele didn't achieve world domination. She may be the biggest star in ALMOST every country in the world however three countries seem to disagree. They're too preoccupied with their own music tastes and Adele just isn't one of them. In 29 international markets, Adele managed to rank No.1 in 26 of them which is basically unheard of. She's the No.1 artist in 110 countries on iTunes worldwide except for three. '3' really isn't a magic number for this pop star.
Despite her record breaking album '25' : 3 million copies of the album sold in the first week of American sales alone, being the biggest-selling album released since 2011, the most sold album yearly since 2004, and broke records in how quickly her European and North American tours sold out, Adele pretty much wins...99% of the time. Thanks to, data was collected to show that these countries have different chart toppers and their fans wouldn't want it any other way.
These countries have another preference...

South Korea

Why they don't prefer Adele?
KPOP! Its the Korean Pop sensation that seems to dominate the music tastes of the country. The singers are hot. The music makes you want to start dancing. The music videos are strangely mesmerizing. And you've never had a party without wanting to scream at the top of your lungs to the clever lyrics that most Americans don't understand (aka Gangnam Style anyone?). Also, one must take into consideration that Koreans chart differently than most other Western countries. They have : domestic album sales, international sales, and a synthesized chart. found that Adele may be winning over their international chart however her streaming and album sales in South Korea are no comparison to the outstanding domestic sales of KPOP within the country. Here are Korean's top albums:
- "The Most Beautiful Life," Pt 2 by the Bangtan Boys
- "MATRIX" by B.A.P.
- "Dear Santa - X Mas Special" by Girls Generation TTS


Why they don't prefer Adele?
Japanese only track physical sold copies and as of now, Adele has only sold enough to make her the 7th highest album as of Dec. 7, 2015. Japanese also love KPOP but they're not as influential. It's also important to take note that digital downloads in the Japan music market outsell albums by 400% according to Fusion's research. Here are the following albums that have outsold Adele :
- "For You" by Infinite
- "Chandelier" by Black Number
- "Sight of Blue" by Motohiro Hata


Why they don't prefer Adele?
Blame it on the way they chart. They tracked how many '25' albums were shipped into the country instead of how many albums were sold total. Talk about bizarre. Even with Greece's adoration for American and British music, Adele only hit the No. 2 spot on Greek charts. They may track domestic and foreign music sales however their marks are harshly skewed. Sorry, Adele. The data didn't help you. Here are the albums that topped Adele:
- "Ap' To Vorra Mehri to Noto" by Vasilis Karras
- "M' Agapouses Ki Anthize" by Eleanora Zouganeli
- "Nikos Vertis" by Nikos Vertis

So really, other than MAYBE South Korea, Adele has won over everyone except for KPOP fans. There's always next time, Adele.

Kpop is one step closer to world domination 😈😈😈
I don't know why people hate on kpop so much. I love itttt! everyone should just keep an open mind towards kpop or any genre of music. adele's amazing. ailee, from south korea, is also good and they have a similar vibe.
Kpop is closer to world domination than Adele will ever be.
LMOOOO!! this is too funny for me OMG.. just yesterday there was this person I know trying to get me into her songs and he played "Hello" for me And I am like Naaahhh sounds to depressing for me.. I like love songs but that sounds too depressing for me.. so I then looked for BTS "Just One more Day". and I say see I like this one better and kept going with all my fav. loves songs from all my fav. groups playground from GOT7 ..haha.. he was like OH Whatever!! you and your KPOP things.... hahaha..
I love Adele and my kpop but Hello is played way too much now. Currently listening to Daydreamer by her
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아쥬 자극적이고.. 아침드라마급 막장으로 흥미로운 이집트 신화 읽어보시죠 !! 이집트 신화에서 죽은자를 저승으로 인도하는 신 "아누비스" 1. 아누비스 머리는 무슨동물인가 처음엔 자칼(왼쪽) 으로 많이 알려졌지만 지금은 이집트 늑대(오른쪽) 라는 별도의 종으로 분리된 상태야 학명은 (Canis anthus lupaster) 2. 아누비스 출생의 비밀 대지의 신 '게브'와 하늘의 여신 '누트' 사이에서 4남매가 태어났다 (사실 게브와 누트는 친남매라 아버지 슈가 결혼을 반대해서 도망쳐서 지들끼리 결혼했다) 오시리스, 이시스, 세트, 네프티스 오시리스와 이시스가 결혼했고 세트와 네프티스가 결혼하였다 그러나 성격 더러운 세트를 싫어했던 네프티스 (*세트는 신화에서 태풍, 모래바람, 이방인 등 강력함의 상징이다) 자신의 큰오빠 오시리스에게 호감을 품게된다 오시리스를 술취하게 한후 그와 관계를 갖는다. 그리고 얼마후 오시리스와의 사이에서 아누비스를 낳게 된다 *전승에 따라 세트의 아들이라는 썰도 있다 *오시리스의 아들인데 머리는 세트를 닮은건 묻지 말고 넘어가자 근데 세트도 짚이는건 있는모양 세트 : 내 아이 아닌거 같은데!!!!! 네프티스 : ;;;; 아누비스 : 최근에 한적도 없는데 어떻게 애를 낳냐고! 세트는 폭풍을 일으키며 소리를 고래고래 질러댔고 네프티스는 갓난아기는 아누비스를 자기 언니 이시스에게 대신 키워달라 부탁한다 아누비스가 자기 남편의 또다른 자식인것도 모르고 이시스는 지극 정성으로 키워준다 3. 아누비스의 행적 아누비스가 성인이 되자 태양신 라 : 아누비스야, 넌 지금부터 망자들을 저승으로 인도하는 역할을 하거라 아누비스 : 명색이 세트와 네프티스의 아들인데 고작 그런 메신저나 시키는거? 태양신 라 : 청년백수시대인데 일자리 주는걸로도 고맙게 여겨라 지상과 저승을 맘대로 오가는 특성상 그리스 신화의 헤르메스와 썰이 많이 겹치기도 한다 어쨌든 자기 일을 열심히 하던 아누비스 띵똥~ 다음 망자 들어오세요 이때 세트가 왕자리를 차지하기 위해 친형 오시리스를 가두는 사건이 발생한다 세트 : 쨔잔~ 형님 이 황금관 어때? 일단 만들었는데 사이즈 맞는 사람이 이집트에 안보이네 형이 한번 누워봐 오시리스 : 엇 사이즈 딱맞네ㅋㅋ 마치 날위해 만든거 같은... 세트 : ㅇㅇ 맞아 세트는 오시리스가 누운 관에 못질을 하여 늪지에 버려버린다 근데 관은 떠내려가 이집트에서 레바논까지 흘러가버린다 그리고 강가의 고목이 가지를 들어올려 관을 꿀꺽 삼켜버린다 마침 레바논에 출장왔다가 이걸 본 아누비스 아누비스 : 와 일이 꼬였네;; 우리 애비지만 좀 심한거 아니냐 빨리 이시스에게 알려야겠다!! (본인이 나무를 베서 꺼낼 생각은 안함) 아누비스의 말을 들은 이시스도 즉시 레바논으로 달려가 오시리스가 누워있는 관의 회수에 성공했다 관을 열었을때 이미 오시리스는 산소부족으로 죽어있었고... 일단 이집트까지 가져가긴 무리니까 인적없는 늪지에 관을 숨겨뒀다가 다시와서 가져와야겠어 이시스가 돌아간지 얼마후,세트가 레바논까지 사냥을 하러왔다 세트 : 오잉 저게뭐지?! 풀숲에 숨어있는 오시리스의 관 와;; 이게 왜 여기있지 오시리스의 시체를 토막내서 아예 사하라 사막과 중동에 다 뿌려라!!! 세트는 부하를 시켜 사막 곳곳에 오시리스의 시체들을 토막내 유기했다 보다못한 태양신 라 라 : 세트 저새끼가 진짜 보자보자하니까 너무 심하네;;; 야! 아누비스 잠깐 와봐!! 아누비스 : ?? 라 : 저승으로 인도해야 되는 새끼가 오시리스 몸뚱이는 토막내도 가만히 놔두냐? 직무유기 장난? 아누비스 : 그래도 우리 애비 세트의 일인데 저기까진 관여 안할려구요 라 : ㅉㅉ... 진짜 지 애비가 누구인줄도 모르고... 아누비스 : 방금 뭐라 했음? 라 : 난 몰라, 너네 엄마에게 물어봐 당장 아누비스는 엄마에게 달려가서 따진다 아누비스 : 엄마! 태양신이 내 애비가 따로있다는데 이게 뭔소리야?! 결국 네프티스는 진실을 알려준다 ㅇㅇ.. 니 진짜 애비 사실 오시리스.... 아누비스가 쇼크먹은건 당연한거고 엄마, 이럴때가 아님, 세트가 오시리스 시체 토막내서 사막에 다 버림;;; 아누비스와 네프티스는 즉시 이시스를 찾아가서 오시리스 건을 말한다 이시스 : 세트 시발놈이 기어코 내 남편을 토막내다니... 근데 너흰 세트의 아들이자 아내이면서 왜 날 이렇게 도와주는거.. 네프티스 : 언니.. 사실 아누비스는 오시리스의 아들이야... ??!.... 뭐 지나간 일이니 신경안쓴다 일단 남편부터 찾자 이시스는 사막을 계속 돌아다니며 오시리스 시체토막을 하나하나 찾았고 하나로 맞춰서 발기되게 조정했다 (모두가 생각하는 그 발기 맞음) 이시스는 매의 모습으로 변해서 발기머신 오시리스와 관계를 통해 정자를 받아내는데 성공한다 이후 이시스가 오시리스의 몸뚱이를 저승으로 데려왔고 아누비스가 오시리스의 영혼을 육체 밖으로 꺼낸다 그렇게 오시리스와 이시스는 다시 만나게 되고 오시리스는 저승의 왕이 된다 물론 아누비스는 여전히 따까리~ 얼마후 이시스는 아들 호루스를 낳는데 호루스는 힘을 길러 세트에게 전쟁을 선포한다 호루스 : 삼촌새끼 오리시스의 원수 갚으러 왔다! 호루스와 세트가 전쟁을 벌일때 아누비스와 네프티스 모자도 호루스의 편에 들어 세트와 싸운다 세트는 결국 잡혔지만 눈물의 사과문을 써서 이시스가 맘이 흔들려 결국 풀어줘버리고 아누비스와 호루스는 이걸 듣고 길길이 날뛰었다고 한다 이후 세트는 신들의 회의에서 오시리스를 이은 다음 왕은 당연히 자신이라며 어필했고 세트 : 어이 태양신, 내가 맨날 님 괴롭히는 괴물들 잡아주는거 잊지 않으셨죠? 다른신들도 깝치면 다 몽둥이로 팰거임 라 : .... 회의에서 오로지 아누비스와 네프티스 만이 호루스가 다음 왕이라면서 끝까지 전폭적인 지지를 보낸다 이후로도 아누비스는 호루스, 오시리스의 좋은 조력자로써 망자들을 저승으로 인도하는 역할을 맡는다 출처
What's The Point Of Wearing a Wig Cap And Not Wearing a Wig Cap?
It all depends on your choice. If you feel confident and safe enough, you can always wear a wig without a cap. If you have lost all or only a few hairs, you should wear a wig cap. The wig cap provides extra comfort between the 5x5 closure wig and the head for women with sensitive skin and scalp. Wigs can irritate delicate skin because they are rough. Wig caps can make long curly wigs more comfortable for those who have lost all their hair. benefit: Even if you have a lot of natural hair, wigs can make your scalp feel itchy and embarrassing. The ombre blonde lace front wig cap provides a layer of protection between the wig and the skin. If you have stray hairs under your wig, a wig cap may help. They securely lock all the hair under the wig and prevent any stray hair from escaping. Shortcoming: If you live in a hot climate and can't stand the heat, you should avoid wearing wig caps. When sweat and oil build up on your head, it can lead to a rash and possibly hair loss in the future. Consider the following tips when making a decision: 1. The head area. This varies from person to person, and if you have a bigger head, you may find wig caps rather unpleasant. If you wear a wig cap for a long time, you may get a headache. If you have a smaller head, the wig cap may slip under the wig and cause the wig to fall out. 2. Cotton and nylon wig caps are the most common, although they are not suitable for people with sensitive scalps. And nylon hats can be itchy and uncomfortable. 3. If you live in a hot climate, you may want to avoid wig caps. Adding another layer of cloth makes the heat intolerable. 4. If you must wear a wig cap, make sure it is clean and fit. Tips for Wearing a Wig Without a Hat If you don't want to wear a wig with a wig cap, you should keep the following tips in mind. 1. Choose the right size, wigs that are too tight around the head may cause hair loss and breakage. 2. Don't forget to wash the wig cap to remove debris and bacteria from the hair and scalp. 3. Be sure to wear a wig that allows the scalp to breathe. Wigs without caps are lighter and allow more airflow to the scalp, so capless wigs won't make you feel as hot as standard wig caps. 4. Don't ignore your hairline. To avoid damaging the edges, place the wig cap behind the ear, not forgetting the hairline. 5. If possible, avoid using adhesives to avoid hair loss or breakage near the hairline. 6. If you have a sensitive scalp, you should avoid wearing wigs made from synthetic hair. Excessive itching, burning, and scalp discomfort may be due to the sensitivity of the wig material. 7. Take time for regular haircuts and deep conditioning treatments between wigs.
Why Does My Cat Scratch So Much?
Introduction Your cat has a lot of energy and needs to scratch. But scratching the couch, curtains, or other furniture isn't really an option for her—and it's not something that you want her to do either! So how do you keep your feline friend happy while keeping your home intact? Cats scratch because they instinctively want to sharpen their claws. The reason why cats scratch is because they instinctively want to sharpen their claws. You might have heard it said that cats scratch trees and furniture to sharpen their nails, but the truth is that they don't need sharpened claws in order to hunt. They can do fine with blunt ones. The habit of scratching as a natural behavior comes from an instinctive urge to mark territory and show affection (to other cats). Cats will also use scratching as an outlet for stress or frustration if they feel uncomfortable or frustrated in their environment. Cats scratch so that they can remove the old outer layer of their claws. You may have noticed that your cat has a thick outer layer of his claws. Cats need to remove this old layer in order to allow new layers of keratin to grow underneath it. The old outer layer is replaced by new layers of keratin, but the new inner layers are soft and tender, so they can't protect themselves until they're fully developed. For this reason, cats scratch so that they can remove the old outer layer and allow for healthy growth underneath! Scratching helps release pent-up energy in cats. You've probably noticed that your cat scratches a lot. If you're like me, you might have wondered why your kitty needs to scratch so much — and whether it's hurting them. The answer is more complex than you might think: scratching serves several purposes in cats' lives, from stretching out their bodies and exercising their muscles to marking territory, removing the old outer layer of their claws, or even just calming down after an exciting day. As a cat owner myself who has rescued many cats from shelters over the years and fostered many more (I currently have eight domesticated felines), I know how important it is to provide them with opportunities for this behavior in their daily lives. Scratching provides beneficial exercise; it also helps keep cats' muscles healthy and strong by helping them stretch out when they're feeling stiff or pent-up energy levels are high. If your kitty tends to scratch too much without being able to use up all his energy through playtime outside or exercise indoors (such as running back and forth across the room), then try teaching him some new tricks while he's engaged in another activity such as playing with a wand toy—this will help him release his pent-up energy while also improving his confidence level! Cats scratch to stretch out their bodies and exercise their muscles. Scratching is an instinctive behavior for cats. When they scratch, they stretch their bodies and exercise the muscles in their paws and legs. Cats also use their claws to mark territory; this is called scent-marking. Scratching can relieve stress that cats feel from being confined indoors or from boredom. Scent-marking helps protect your cat from other cats in the neighborhood who might want to take over your house! It's not just about marking—scratching also helps cats sharpen their claws for hunting prey and defends against enemies like dogs or even humans (they're sharp!). The act of scratching also releases pent-up energy; it's a great way for kittens to burn off energy and keep them calm when you're busy trying to finish up work at home or if your kitty has been cooped up inside all day while you're away at work or school. If you think of these reasons as "why" instead of "how", it'll help clear up any confusion about why cats do what they do! Cats scratch when they're bored or have too much energy. Scratching is a normal cat behavior. Cats are very active, and scratch when they have pent up energy. They also scratch when they are bored or in need of some mental stimulation. Scratching allows your cat to release their stress by exercising their muscles and also helps them sharpen their claws, which you’ve probably noticed them cleaning just as much as they clean themselves! In addition, cats love to climb on things like trees and furniture, so scratching can help them do this more effectively. In addition to climbing and scratching, cats sleep almost 20 hours a day! This means that if you provide an adequate amount of sleeping space for your cat (in other words: hideaway spots) then he might be less likely to choose something else—like your furniture—to sleep on instead. You can help your cat satisfy her scratching instincts. If you want your cat to stop scratching, stop scolding her. Cats scratch because they need to, and punishing them for doing what comes naturally only causes resentment on both sides. Instead of disciplining your cat for scratching furniture or other objects in the house, provide her with a variety of appropriate surfaces so she can satisfy her urge for self-grooming in a safe way. You can also invest in commercial scratching posts that are specially designed to be attractive and durable enough for cats to use regularly. You should also try to ensure that your cat has regular playtime with you or another feline companion so she gets plenty of opportunities for physical activity and mental stimulation on a daily basis (if you don't have another feline friend handy). If you'd like to give this method an extra boost, consider adding more toys into the mix—many cats enjoy playing with toys specifically designed for them—and taking time every day to spend some quality bonding time together while playing fetch or engaging in other activities that will keep both of those wonderful paws busy! The best way to keep your cat from destroying your home is to provide her with a variety of scratching surfaces, like a cardboard box or a cat scratching post, and to make sure she is getting regular activity through playtime with you or another feline companion. The best way to keep your cat from destroying your home is to provide her with a variety of scratching surfaces. For example, you can buy a cardboard box or a cat scratching post and make sure that she gets regular activity through playtime with you or another feline companion. Conclusion We hope that this article was helpful in answering your question about why your cat scratches so much. If you’re looking for solutions to the problem, we recommend providing your cat with plenty of safe surfaces to scratch on and giving her regular playtime with you or another feline friend. If that doesn’t work, then consult with a veterinarian who can help determine if there might be additional reasons why she is scratching excessively—like an infection or allergies—and treat those accordingly
See The Best Adele Doppelgänger
Meet Adele 2.0 : Ellinor Helborg Is Adele on the left or the right? That's just how shockingly similar Adele and this fan look alike. Meet Eleanor Helborg, a 22-year-old from Sweden. The Adele doppelgänger has an Instagram full of Adele inspired makeup looks and it's extremely uncanny how she looks identical to the British pop superstar. Fans from around the world have flocked to Helborg's Instagram just to take a glimpse themselves. Her bio includes the comment, "like to put makeup on my face from time to time nothing weird about it". In this instance though, it's impressive at how transformative makeup can do to a person's face. Though Helborg said how much she adores Adele, Helborg stands as an individual. "I do not strive to look like her, or anyone else. I am my own person," Helborg wrote in a post,"I have my own face and I look like me. If you think I look like a certain person that's fine, but arguing about who I do or do not look like is pointless. Telling me or other people in the comments I don't look like Adele means nothing, because that is not who I am trying to be. I am my own person." After scrolling through these pictures, I believe her eyes are a huge selling point in her Adele appearance. From her thick eye liner to her contoured cheek bones, Helborg has mastered this look. Really though, Helborg could totally be a stunt double for Adele if Adele ever wanted to be in the movies. Or Helborg could start a business where people hire her to be Adele at birthday parties. She might as well milk it for all its worth. Do you think Helborg looks like Adele?
Will a Wig Stay On Without Glue?
For many girls with sensitive scalps, it is not an easy thing to wear a beautiful high-quality wig with no burden and no risk. In today's blog, we're going to focus on wigs that can be worn without applying glue to the scalp. What does it mean to have a 40 inch hair wig without glue? A non-glue wig is a complete melt lace wig that does not require the use of glue or similar adhesives to hold it together. Traditionally, these human hair long wigs came with clips, combs, or mounting straps to help the wearer secure the wig to the head without using any glue. Does a glue-free wig fall off? Just because these wigs don't have any tape or glue doesn't mean they come off easily. You can wear a glue-free wig every day without having to worry about it flying away. You just need to adjust the straps to fit your head perfectly. A glue-free wig fits perfectly. How about a glue-free wig? If you don't have any long-term plans to wear wigs, a glue-free wig is a perfect choice. Glue-free wigs are one of the most reliable wigs on the market. Most wigs require adhesives (such as tape or glue) to hold on to the head, but non-adhesive front wigs do not require any adhesives. Can a glue-free wig harm your hair? No! Lace wigs will not damage your hair if you wear them correctly. Front wigs do not damage the hair. Damage can only be caused by improper use of the lacing system or failure to follow the correct procedure when wearing or removing the lacing. How do I stop damaging my hair while wearing a glue-free wig? Choose a good, glue-free wig When wig of choosing and buying, one must see the air permeability of the wig and material. All breathable hair and wigs can be worn every day. Choose materials that will not cause irritation or allergic reactions. If you don't want to damage the scalp and hair, it is best to choose human hair without glue wig. So, what do you need to look out for in a glue-free wig? The wig cap It acts as a defensive layer between the wig and natural hair, reducing tangles and friction. This can also attract hot sweats that may occur. Wig caps are cheaper, more comfortable, and safe to wear, especially if the scalp is sensitive. Protect your natural hair properly If your hair is long, you may want to wrap it up or knit it tightly to ensure the safety of your scalp. Make sure you use a wig cap to get a perfect fit and natural hair becomes safe and reliable. It is important to secure the hair before applying any adhesive. It is important not to apply any fake hair gel directly to natural hair. Hope every girl who chooses Asteriahair's glue-free wigs is satisfied with her beautiful hairstyle. Try different styles and discover different inner selves.
U.S. warns Russia of 'catastrophic' consequences if it uses nuclear weapons
The United States has warned Russia there will be "catastrophic" consequences if it uses nuclear weapons after setbacks in its war in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin issued renewed threats that he could resort to weapons of mass destruction as he escalated the conflict last week by calling up military reservists and moving to annex occupied areas that are staging votes to join Russia. With his mobilization effort facing domestic backlash and Kyiv's forces pressing to make new gains after their stunning counteroffensive, two top U.S. officials said Sunday that Washington has made it clear to Moscow just how stark a response it would face in the event of a nuclear attack. National security adviser Jake Sullivan told NBC News' "Meet the Press" on Sunday that the consequences "would be catastrophic if Russia went down the dark road of nuclear weapons use." Pressed by host Chuck Todd about what those countermeasures would be, Sullivan would only say, "In private channels we have spelled out in greater detail exactly what that would mean." Secretary of State Antony Blinken used similar language in an interview with CBS News' "60 Minutes." "It's very important that Moscow hear from us and know from us that the consequences would be horrific, and we've made that very clear," he said, adding that the U.S. response would be "catastrophic" without elaborating. Putin has made a string of nuclear threats against Ukraine and the West as a whole since he launched his invasion more than seven months ago. But last week, he dramatically intensified Russia's efforts, signaling he was willing to escalate rather than accept battlefield defeat. In an address to his nation last Wednesday, Putin said that if Russia's "territorial integrity" was threatened, "we will certainly use all the means at our disposal" to retaliate — and added that “it’s not a bluff." Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he believes the Russian president. "I don’t think he’s bluffing," Zelenskyy told CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday. "He wants to scare the whole world. These are the first steps of his nuclear blackmail." Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world with almost 6,000 nuclear warheads and 1,500 of them currently deployed, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, an independent think tank that tracks global stockpiles. The Kremlin's thinly veiled threats come against the backdrop of votes being held in four regions in Ukraine's south and east that its forces at least partly control: Luhansk and Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Western officials have dismissed these as sham votes with predetermined outcomes. Putin's warnings also come after a litany of setbacks for Russia. The looming annexation and the nuclear threats have been viewed by analysts as a combined effort to deter Western support for Ukraine, and to stem the tide of a pair of counteroffensives that have left Russia's long-term grip on those occupied territories in growing doubt. Asked if Moscow would consider using nuclear weapons to defend these regions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday that they would be under the “full protection of the state.” Two months into the invasion, Putin's army withdrew from a costly and ultimately failed assault toward the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, instead choosing to focus its forces in the east of the country where it has supported pro-Russian separatists since 2014. However in recent weeks, Ukraine has mounted a strong fightback in those areas too, causing heavy Russian losses and rare domestic disquiet from pro-war nationalists. That has seen unknown thousands of Russian civilians rounded up to be sent to the front lines. It has also triggered an exodus of Russians attempting to flee the draft, clogging border crossings and snapping up available flights.
5 Adele Lyrics Made For Shedding Tears From Album '25'
If you haven't heard Adele's latest album "25", I urge you to do so. Although it will remind you of that ex that did you wrong, you'll oddly miss them and every guy who will come into your life in the future for a full 45 minutes [the length of the album]. Each song will make you feel things you haven't felt in ages, it's beautifully sad. If you're not one to shed tears, listen to this album and that will no longer be the case. Tissues should be in your possession before pressing play, but don't worry -- despite the tears you'll enjoy it. Adele has the ability to take you places you've been and places you've never been. Just call it a journey. If you're up for the ride and don't mind a couple tears, keep scrolling to see some of the most heartbreaking [yet beautiful] lyrics from Adele's album. Track #6: Water Under The Bridge "If you're gonna let me down, let me down gently / don't pretend that you don't want me" Track #7: River Lea "But my heart is a valley, it's so shallow and man made / I'm scared to death if I let you in that you'll see I'm just a fake" Track #8: Love In The Dark "It is the world to me / that you are in my life / But I want to live / And not just survive" Track #9: Million Years Ago "I miss the air, I miss my friends / I miss my mother; I miss it when / Life was a party to be thrown / But that was a million years ago" Track #10: All I Ask "No one knows me like you do / And since you're the only one that matters, tell me, who do I run to?" Now go listen to the album It's okay to cry.