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Okay, Screw Jennifer Lawrence

Uh, so I don't usually write angry cards (unless they're about Koreaboo) but JLaw just pissed me off.
Basically, she's being interviewed at the Golden Globes and a reporter is asking her a question. He reads the question from his phone and she makes a fool out of him for it?
I'm publishing this to Learn Korean cause I feel like you guys will get this reporter's struggle.

Watch the clip below first:

Okay Jennifer, you like to be funny in your interviews.

We get it.

But, hello? This man is clearly a non-native English speaker, trying to read a question to you SO HE DOESN'T SCREW UP HIS ONE CHANCE TO TALK TO YOU.
You tell him to put the phone down, and now without his notes and with his nerves gone through the roof, you make fun of him for saying Oscars instead of Golden Globes?

Cut the guy some slack, and cut the 'funny' crap - cause now you just turn out sounding mean.

As someone who has studied multiple languages (and still isn't fluent in any of them) this really rubbed me the wrong way.

I'm sure interviews are annoying and you get a lot of bad reporters, but chhhiiiiilllllll.

Am I just over-reacting or what?

I like Jennifer Lawrence, but I hate it when people who natively speak English act like its the easiest thing ever or that everyone needs to speak it perfectly! As a celebrity, she needs to be a role model and an ambassador and have more tolerance toward others!
OMG. I'm in utter DISBELIEF right now. I don't care how famous or popular you are, but that is NOT how you're supposed to talk to another person. You could clearly see that HE WAS STRUGGLING. And for me personally, I have parents that can't speak fluent English because they came to the U.S from Vietnam and most of the time they speak the exact same way as that reporter did. So this DEFINIETLY is not okay with me because that could have been one of my parents and I would not want that much DISRESPECT coming from someone just because you want to be "funny". I don't care if it was just a joke. There's a line that has to be made with jokes and plain rudeness. ( ̄︿ ̄) Sorry Jennifer Lawrence, but in my eyes this was just plain rude and you lost A LOT of my respect for you. ( ̄ヘ ̄) @kpopandkimchi Thanks for making this card. I seriously appreciate it. People these days need to realize that they are not that much different from us regular folks and that we NEED put them on a high enough pedestal that we aren't able to reach them. Because we aren't different. We are human.
I don't really think this had anything to do with his English. I think she wanted him to be more confident when asking his questions. she just total went about that like an asshole tho
@MichelleIbarra basically this reporter starts to ask her a question but is clearly reading it off of his phone screen - JLaw stops him and says he shouldnt use his phone...then he stutters and stumbles trying to ask her his question and he says 'the oscars' in stead of the golden globes and she cuts him off AGAIN and is like 'if you put your phone down you'd know where we are right now' even though based on his accent he's CLEARLY not a native english speaker and was using his phone as notes :/
@shannonl5 currently his company is reviewing him and he'll honestly probably lose his job over the bad press now :( not her fault that the story blew up but yeah :/
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