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Wishing my BFF @neaa a wonderful birthday today, I hope you celebrate it well with your friends this evening, I wish I was there with you but of course I'm here and you're there but it doesn't mean I don't wish you well.... - Since you can't travel to Korea b/c of school, I brought your Joong Ki to you. See he knew it was your birthday so he wrote you a love note and brought you a camera b/c I told him you needed one, lolz!!! Enjoy your cake today sis, love yah!!!
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@cheerfulcallie @oj1992 Hahahahaha! You two crack me up.
thanks everyone!!
@neaa..sorry for the late wish...Happy belated birthday to you dear lovely you always get what you're wishing for..*hugs*...keke
@syairah12 aww ..thanks honey!'re most welcome too honey..kekeke