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Wait... What?! - Bollywood Edition!

I've decided to create a new 'Wait...What?!' card about the most underrated global source of WTFness, the Indian entertainment industry - also known as BOLLYWOOD!
According to Forbes, Bollywood consistently produces the most amount of feature films in the world each year - toppling markets in both China and the US.

With that being said, in those estimated 1,600 films per year, there's a whole lot of 'Wait... WTF?'

Don't believe me? Let's take a look, shall we?

This mass assault-by-banana scene packs a punch AND potassium.

And when it comes to starting a fight, as Kevin Hart once said: "SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST."

For all of you guys out there, here's how you REALLY court a lady.

Then there's veteran Bollywood actor Vijayakanth, whose mustache has superpowers - as most mustaches do, of course.

And then there's this guy, who is here to teach us the much classier way to 'hulk out' over something.

Thus concludes my 'Wait...What?!' card for today!

Let me know which one of these made YOU laugh the hardest. And of course, if you know of any other hilarious Bollywood scenes, feel free to share your favorites!
@AkashBhojraj @atmi @danidee Let me clarify something here. Bollywood: Hindi movies from Bombay now Mumbai( Maharashtra state) Kollywood: Tamil movies from Chennai( Tamil Nadu state) Tollywood: May refer to both Bengali movies from Tollygunge( West Bengal state) and Telugu movies from Hyderabad( Andhra Pradesh state)
@danidee All the movies here are Tollywood ie tamil movies. These kindof movies have tendancy to exaggerate the strength of the actors, where they appear superhuman! These films are typically superhit in south India.
I love Bollywood, actually. I should say Musical Bollywood. These are crazy and hilarious and remind me of the insane Kung Fu movies I used to be forced to watch with my brothers back in the day. Lol
almost scene above are from kollywood (tamil movie) but they are same great with bollywood movie(hindi) when come into action like their legendary actor Shah Rukh Khan 😍 extra ordinary heroes...LOL
@obiterdictum Well, I haven't watched Dilwale yet but am glad you & your mom liked it!! 😊😊 You can watch Barfi, if you find it online. It's good too.
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