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Their is many way to experience Europe, by train, by airplane, by hitchhiking, or by car. In 2009, it was my first summer in Europe, after a summer working in Norway as a strawberry picker, I did save enough money for a first road trip in Europe by car with some good friends of mine in Finland. Travel by car in Europe is extremely easy, and safe. You just need to land in any countries in Europe, come to any rental car company, rend a car, and start your road trip. Sound like a piece of cake, isnt it? My tips for you when travel by car in Europe, try to get away far the big city. You got the car !! Try to get into small town, small village, where you would experience more the real local of that countries, which you cannot reach by travel by airplane. The best road for doing a road trip is German, since they build a Autobahn, which mean highway in German. In Autobahn, you can drive as fast as you can, their is no speed limit! Sound really great, right? Try to avoid France highway, because France is famous for their tax on highway, you have to pay a lot of money, if you do a road trip in France just for the tax money (I would say France would be better for doing the hitchhike trip). If you decide to do a roadtrip on Eastern Europe, such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, be prepared yourself first. Those countries, their road system are really bad, compare with their neighborhood from the West. And not to mention, it does not safe at night for sleeping in the car due to the criminal rate in Eastern Europe is higher than Western side. Well, hit me a word if you are planning to go to Europe for roadtrip, I knew some pretty good place to show you.
Yah it is for real! There is no limited speed in the highway in German ;) And you could see a lot of expensive car in there as well
What? For real, no limit speed inThe highway? I would love to go there for racing !! But for rent car, do you need your passport, or anything if I am outside of EU zone ?
@alise the last photo i took in Amsterdam !!! hehe why you did not come to the coffeeshop?? it was so great to enjoy there !!!
The last photo, did you take it in Amsterdam? Since it is the only country in Europe allow to sell marjihuanna :). I was there , but did not come to the coffeeshop to try though.
How awesome. :)
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