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Day 10: A song that makes me fall asleep is from a movie called Laputa: A Castle in the Sky. It's just a beautiful little song that gets me humming and sleeping to. It's just *sigh* incredible.
Day 11: Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite song by my favorite band. I can never complain with this band! I love them and their songs!!! I have more but it's from them as well :D
@RaquelArredondo oh I agree. They always write lyrics that speak to me deeply, which is always super important to me!! Not to mention, I really love M. Shadows's voice. ^_^
Yay! Haha believe me, I became a big fan of theirs ever since I heard the song Almost Easy by them. They are magnificent and thank you :D
Yesss!! Great choices!! I love love love Avenged Sevenfold so much. They were also one of my husband's absolute favorite bands. You have no idea how great this choice was, Raquel. 💜 Awesome song.