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Lee Kwang Soo! Asia Prince! Giraffe! So I love how funny he is but he's also a great actor and I don't think people give him enough credit for that. He's been in a lot of stuff that it'd take too long to list so yeah I'm not going to. Just go look him up! I'd say his best known role was in It's Okay, It's Love where he played a man with Tourette's. And he was awesome!
He's also model-Soo. He cleans up reeeeal nice I must say! He's also endorsed tons of things from coffee to cars to swim parks. His appeal is widespread.
He can sing! And he has some pretty rockin abs he's been hiding. (must be working out with Kkuk ^^) I love how down to earth he is. I'd love to meet him someday! Anyway he's my pick for this week's Man Crush Monday!
Nice choice! I love him, and he was amazing in That's Okay, It's Love. I watched that drama three times in a row!
@nenegrint14 check out It's Okay, That's Love first, he's a regular on Running Man too (this is what most people know him from). He's also had parts in High Kick Through the Roof, Goddess of Fire, Bachelor's Vegetable Store, Dong Yi, All About My Wife, Wonderful Radio, City Hunter, Secret Love (eps. 7-8) and Puck! (his new mini drama)
I loved him in Its Okay, That's Love. He was adorable! I just wanted to squish him in my arms! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
he is such a talented man and so dorky and goofy. yep a great choice
Yesss!!! Kwang Soo is the shizznettts. Even though he is a betrayer lol
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