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In an interview from 2010 Jang Geun Seok spoke in English the entire time. His English, as you should all know by now, is really great! He recently released a picture of him studying English at home, but if his English was this good a few years ago, he has nothing to worry about. BTW: Music from the You’re Beautiful O.S.T was playing in the background, and he talked a lot about his dreams and goals for the future.
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Hes great...
4 years ago·Reply
Really cutie cutie jks. Got a charm to be addicted. :-)
4 years ago·Reply
he want to be no 1 in Asia .... impressive ... work hard .... fighting jgs
4 years ago·Reply
SO CUTE!!! I love when Asians speak. Their accents are way to cute!!
4 years ago·Reply
Cuando estara en un nuevo drama es un excelente actor, yo le enseñaria Español
4 years ago·Reply