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L and Kim Myung Soo are two completely different human beings!! At least, that's what Infinite members and other idols say. Here are how people described L on the recent episode of Weekly Idol (The show where Infinite always get trolled): - Sunggyu: "L - two faces" - Dongwoo: "He's a totally different person..." - Hoya: "L and Myungsoo are two different human beings..." - Sungyeol: "He is cool on stage, but not elsewhere." - Sungjong: "He has a chic image but in real life he's active and fun." (tsk Sungjong, stop being so nice to everyone) As if it's not embarrassing enough to be betrayed by your own members, L was exposed by other idols too. - Teen Top's C.A.P: "Infinite L - You are all being fooled by him." - Rainbow's Jisook: "He seems like a flower boy with a cold aura, but he’s actually a heodang (unexpectedly clumsy).” - HelloVenus’ Yoo Ara: “Cold image vs bright and refreshing manner man.” But this seems to be no news to Infinite's fans. L has a well-known fanmade nickname 'L-Co-Removed', which refers to his real Myungsoo self whenever he takes off his L-cosplay. And this Myungsoo comes out whenever L gets angry! Or even when he laughs! To the point that he was once banned from laughing by his manager lol. Still don't believe me? Scroll to the next photos and see how different he is when he laughs xD
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L or Myungsoo, he looks handsome! But I like his Myungsoo side more because it feels more real.