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Why Did 'The Martian' Win Best Comedy?

The nationally televised Golden Globes Awards always causes its fair share of controversy, but this week's ceremony is something Hollywood's comedy scene is taking personally, as the science fiction drama 'The Martian' takes home the 'Best Comedy' award.
'The Martian' beat out several of 2015's most popular titles, including Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' and Melissa McCarthy's 'Spy' - and, seeing as the movie has little-to-no comedic elements, many celebrities in the field took to social media to express simply: "Why?!"
Here's SNL alum Rachel Dratch, for example, tweeting a question that pretty much sums up what all of us who missed the movie were thinking.

So what exactly happened?

According to several sources, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (aka the people behind the Golden Globes) voted to leave 'The Martian' in the comedy category after FOX submitted the film as a comedy. In fact, when a film studio feels good about their movie, but don't think that it has a chance against contenders in their ACTUAL genre, 'recategorizing' it before submitting it for the press' approval has become somewhat common practice.
Needless to say, category contenders - like the filmmakers of 'Spy' and 'Trainwreck', directors Paul Feig and Judd Apatow, respectively - were rightfully pissed.
Of course, in an attempt to curb the controversy, the Foreign Press confided in the LA Times that the decision to categorize 'The Martian' as a comedy was heavily disputed within the eligibility committee - adding that 'The Martian' was able to make it into the comedy category by one mere vote.
So what do YOU guys think? Could you see how 'The Martian' can be seen as a comedy, or do you think that the Foreign Press should revise protocol for film submissions?
Let me know in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow the WTF Street Journal collection.
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I can see why it won certainly, they had a huge budget and the story was incredible. But while it had its funny moments, it wasn't billed as a comedy and lacked all the traditional elements of a comedy. I'm all for genre-defying stories and combining elements from different genres, but this was clearly Hollywood politics. It's sad because this was a studio choice- The Martian was an AMAZING movie and the person who wrote the original book is awesome. And now it feels like the studio has done something selfish to ruin its reputation
I thought FOX already had a reputation for this underhanded sort of thing? (cough, Firefly, cough)
I haven't seen The Martian, but I know that even if it has comedic moments, then that's just what they are: comedic moments. They act as buffers where the storyline/info/feel/message of the movie can be a bit much for most audiences so it aids in digestion. However, in my opinion, it does not give The Martian enough to even hint at being a comedy. The rules need to be revised because The Martian's win in a category that actually fits it would be a much better dramatic win then in a category where it stole from the ideal winner.
I haven't even heard of that movie but I've watched a few sci-fi movies and TV shows and they usually have little to no comedy in them so I doubt this one does.
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