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Does it really matter if idols throw away fan letters?

Ok, let me explain: every so often, this picture comes up in the news. They're fan letters to Taeyeon (SNSD), and the post will ALWAYS say they were found in the trash. (Really, SNSD left behind a bunch of stuff at a music show, the cleaning lady threw them out, they were found, etc. etc....ANYWAYS).

Taeyeon is not the only idol that has been accused of "throwing away" her fans' love & for "not caring enough."

My question is this: Does it really matter?

I know there are fans (at least, there are Korean fans) that really, truly believe that idols should treasure & keep everything they receive from fans. But can you imagine how many gifts, letters, messages, etc. etc they receive?

Fans do put a lot of time & money into preparing gifts and letters for idols.

This is part of why VIXX no longer accepts gifts from fans, rather, they only accept handwritten letters & letters written on the back of printed photos-- they want fans to focus on the relationship between fans and VIXX, not on how much money is being spent on them. In some fandoms, gifts become a competition to see which fan's gifts will be worn or shown public ally by the idol first.

But when you receive as many gifts as some idols do, how can they possible keep & cherish them all?

Personally, I think the value that the idols should keep & cherish is the MESSAGE & the ENERGY that is shared through the letter or gift.

While it'd be great if they could keep every single fan gift & letter & screen cap every single message, it's just not realistically possible for them. Anytime I have sent a letter or message, I have sent it in hopes that while reading it, my bias will receive some strength. I don't need them to cherish it forever: I just want to help support them in that moment.

What are your thoughts? Is it totally wrong for them to throw away letters?

(and yes, @kpopandkimchi, this is your dear husband N reading fan letters!!)
Dude.....keeping EVERYTHING they get from fans is like an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen...... Cherish the memories.... not the material.
I think you said it all right! In the beginning it might be easy for them to read and keep all their letters but can you IMAGINE the amount of letters the bigger groups must get on a daily basis when theyre promoting?! CRAZY! As a fan, I would hope that just seeing the amount of letters would cheer them up and remind them there are so many fans rooting for them - and that's enough! Sure I'd love for them to read what I had written, but at the end of the day I don't have a personal relationship with them and as an individual fan I shouldnt demand that kind of attention. It's sort of a bummer but completely understandable!
I agree throwing away letters is totally reasonable or even giving away gifts they don't use to charity is fine. I think the thought and emotion behind the letter is more important than the paper it's written on.
I wouldn't mind if they throw the letter away. As long as they read it then that's enough for me. Expecting them to keep such a large amount of letters like that is insane. plus I'm sure most of the letter say the exact same thing. Maybe if they wanna keep the ones that they really liked but other than that I don't really see the point.
They'd probably have to buy a whole separate apartment just to keep all of their fan letters and gifts. And just because they threw it away doesn't mean they haven't read them. I'm sure that all idols love their fans and appreciate all of that no matter what, because everyone loves knowing that they're loved and letters and fan gifts are so intimate.
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