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So don't wait for him to come back, learn to be happy on your own.
@MoonMinYeon u r soo right life is Def not a movie or a show reality is far far away from these fairytales :-(
@Yin definitely, but it means a lot of work on yourself I think to be confident on you own
Beautifully said, MoonMi and I wholeheartedly agree. There's just something about someone who can be confident on their own in that moment. :)
thank you :) sadly, you sometimes are disappointed in people, it's ok, nobody's perfect, but if you depend too much on them, you let your happiness be defined by them, and that's never good. Being satisfied on your own is good too, your learn a lot about yourself and can gain confidence :)
Beautiful message @MoonMi . Learn to be on your own, alone and find happiness through your own company. It's wonderful to be able to learn that and be comfortable with yourself and not have to always depends on the company of other people. (^_^)