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So that guy was bugging me again today. all he said was hi and i ignored him cuz i didnt want to start a fight and then he walks by my table and says "Gosh aneeza i was just trying to be nice, saying hi to you and all" and i was sitting there thinking, well i dont need your god damned hi. and before i could even do anything my best friend (the one who failed to defend me) and another girl said "shut up ____ no body likes you" and i was just so happy at that moment, my friends stood up for me, against him. after that he didnt bother me that much tho when his table was talking about korean stuff they said "ask her she'll know all about it" and i was like. fuck. u. bitches. also my guy friend that went on a mini rant in the hallway, i saw him again and told him about the 'youre not welcome' thing and he got extremely ticked off XD and i was like u da best anyways shout out to those who helped me get through this, to those who defended me when others spoke about me and to those who made me feel better =) Kumawo unnies, dongseng and oppa then when i got home i found out about heechul joining ss5 as soon as he gets out of army and i was just like so freaking happy i died and came back to life XD dont you just love eunhyuk?
@tokyopop XD lol
alright..... army fall out
@tokyopop haha thank you <3 everythings all good now =)
seriously that guy should leave you alone. me and my koala army of kpop will fix.hom.