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Isn't it crazy when regular people just like you and me have these incredible friendships with some of the biggest, deadliest creatures on earth?!
Well, actually, these "regular" people are probably a lot different than me. Namely, they probably don't freak out and run away screaming from the smallest sign of danger, or quiver in their boots at the thought of actually being face to face with a gigantic bear.
This guy is so brave. Do you see that bear's claws?! And do you see how he and that guy are just SNUGGLING?!?
At first, I was like, oh god. Oh god. This man's death is flashing before my eyes.
But then, I stopped worrying about his safety so much (after all, he's been working with this SAME bear for 20 years – I guess he probably knows what he's doing!) and saw these two for what they really are – friends.

Adorable, incredible friends.

But then, let's talk about THIS GUY. Remember that giant bear on Game of Thrones? Well, this guy lets that bear put its mouth ON HIS HEAD.
But check out how incredibly well-trained this famous actor bear is! It's really something to watch. It almost makes me jealous that I'll never have a relationship with such an incredible 1,500 lb creature...

The funny thing is, maybe these creatures aren't so different from us after all.

They like to play. They like to swim. In the video above, that bear is acting almost exactly like a playful dog. It seems very friendly towards humans, and just looking for a treat or a pat. When the guy shoos it, it just goes on playing like a carefree pup.
This bear is even more sophisticated – he likes to lounge in hot tubs! <3_<3 I'm not sure why, but I feel like this is one of the cutest videos I've seen in such a long time. It brought a giant smile to my face. XD
Moral of the story: friendships come in all shapes and sizes.

Maybe lions, tigers, and bears aren't so "oh my!" after all.

it's kinda scary but also awesome @Animaniafreak
look at those paws!
you stole my thoughts exactly @in4mtoxic006 Alli next card do dragon/man relationships! ;)
Yes and would be cool if dragon actually excite and if you are I would like to tamed one XD
I read about those three guys before. Truly beautiful love can be.
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