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Throwback Thursday: Doctor Strange/Matrix Mashup???

Doctor Strange got... strange.

The character's origin story was pretty nifty. He was a selfish surgeon but he was in an accident and could no longer operate. It was devastating for him. So he sought out a being called The Ancient One to demand to be healed. He ended up learning some humility and adopting a new worldview. And then Marvel went and changed it.
So... he's been watched for a while by an unknown entity.
He needs to learn to see reality in a new way.
And he's a sorcerer (prophet) that needs to walk through dimensions.

There's even some slow-motion fighting!

This is... weirdly familiar.
The Wachowskis should probably be alerted. But at least it leaves the door open for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie to throw in some cool visual references to the Matrix trilogy?
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Keanu Reeves, is gorgeous.
@SamTheMallow truth @tbell2 the comics are pretty cool! They're some of the more visually stunning ones that Marvel has produced
ahh the matrix!! good choice cx I need to check out Dr. Stange tho that looks really good
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