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Chubby unicorn

Bought this baby about a month ago and man is it a joy to ride!
Pcals/44 90a barrel boardside 92a barrel roadside 92.5a riot plugs 92.5a riot cup Array sleeved washers Venom 1/8th shockpad
I purchased some roger bros hardware to lessen the impact on the board from the screws. I highly reccomend this hardware to anyone mainly cuz you dont need a screwdriver to take the trucks off and it kinda acts as a footstop.
I made some custom nose guards out of cutting board but they ended up being more of a nuisance due to them falling off so often.
Bought some paint markers from wally world and started goin to work and im really happy with the turn out so far.! I highly reccomend
Overall this board rides great and feels really sold under your feet due to the foot pockets and micro drop. Also seems to b very durable so far! Was this deck worth the $360?? Well i dont really know yet but i am pretty impressed so far!
Thanks man!
the board looks dope, dude. really digging the art.
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