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Photographer Arimichi Noguchi Site [http://500px.com/ArimichiNoguchi] "Pamukkale is a natural site contains hot springs and travertines shaped in layered terraces. In Turkish Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’ because the place is white just like cotton. Pamukkale is located in the main south from the Aegean region, Turkey. To reach there is about 19 kilometers to Denizli where it located and around 2, 5 hours to drive through the location from Kusadasi resort town. The Menderes River that has tectonic movement from the basin induced and rise numerous hot springs. The water from these springs boasts a huge substantial mineral content such as chalk, limestone and travertine cascading down through the mountain, providing the developing of the complexion and become a frozen waterfall. The waters that flow here also contain hydrogen carbonate and calcium, that finally giving result to the sedimentation of calcium bi-carbonate. This wonderful place is developing in Menderes Valley. The place is inside the borders between Caria, Lycia and Phrygia. This amazing area locates on Curuksu Valley, often known as Lycos in antiquity where it is in altitude involving 360 meters through the sea levels and 70 meters through the Lycos Valley."-[http://ryanjhoe.hubpages.com/hub/The-Unique-Natural-Hot-Spring-Pamukkale]