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*The following is a NOTICE from Starhaus Entertainment: Hi, Minoz. It’s starhaus entertainment in Seoul. I’d like to take a chance to thank you all for your enthusiastic support and love. We’re reported there’s been a rumor with the false phone number of Lee Minho. We received serious complaint from the person who actually owns the number. This person is having severe problems by numerous text messages and phone calls from all over the world. Some fans curiosity can turn to be someone’s pain who’s not involved. All Minoz people, please communicate with us by official channels. We’d expect you to share this information with all the fans you know and help us spreading pleasant fan ship among Minoz. Thank you. *Be guided accordingly Minoz~~
Keep calm and love LMH: )
Kepp calm and love LMH: )
@ennairamaluezer...your right we just only fan of him....
excellence my idol...
Omo!calm down a bit Minoz!!
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