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A group of Minoz is requesting Starhaus to give an opportuinity to those Minoz who haven't met Lee Min Ho a chance to meet him by Twitcam! Maybe Live Streaming Oppa's concerts so Minoz all over the world can share the Min Ho experience.. What do you guys think?^^
Dats awesome.pls starhaus let minoz got a chance to be upclose to our supah love oppah Lee Min Ho even in twitcam only.
That's a good idea!!! Hope it will materialize!!!
i am supporting this one because i myself can not see any of his events, at my age 50. it will be very hard for me to join such a crowd wherever Lee Min Ho is there, goodluck for us MINOZ, i came from the Philippines
yeah!! woodalchis minoz fighting!!! we support this petición please and you get more information here
aww, i'll remember the first picture it was taken from smart araneta coliseum here in the Philippines, and i'm was there also hihi ^^, i have really missed Oppa x( his voice, hi s face. everthing x')