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I've liked Minho since he acted in I am Sam and finally got a chance to see him in real life! My friend and I wanted to try for the fansign at first but by the time we got there, too many people had already signed up. (The fansign was on Sunday, but there were already 100 on the list from Friday morning O.o). We just ended up taking photos of him instead. I must say he looked really good in real life, and he smiled very often. I like how he interacted with fans; he talked a lot. Occasionally, he would wave to people who were not able to enter the fansign. This is a super short fancam that I took. Enjoy~!
nice actor and he's short fingers
you are not alone girl, we're many!
love him, so handsome.
I'll be healous and envious because he's my oppa <3 :'( can be oppa got a very handsome face...totally perfect...keep fithing for oppa...
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