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Why did Gyuri started crying during the filming of Nail Salon Paris? Turns out the staff had a surprise cake for all the actors on set, thanking and congratulating them on their hard work. All actors were stunned, but Gyuri was especially touched and bursted into tears. Since this is Gyuri's first drama ever, it is normal that she got emotional over it. She also tweeted about her last filming earlier, saying: “I’m a lucky person… Not just any luck, but I have luck with people. I’m so thankful. Thank you.” Later she added, “I felt this way during the musical, too… And I felt it again at the end of the drama filming. I realized this isn’t good fortune that everyone gets… I should know to be more thankful. I’m thankful for each and every one of you. Please be healthy..” The drama will premier on May 3! Is anyone gonna watch this?
@chasinghapiness me too! I can't wait for this to premiere, I wonder if her acting will be good or not!
she looks cute and tiny standing in between the other actors lol. Hope her acting turns out good.