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If you add this to the end of a verb, you're saying Don't (verb)!

Here's how:

1. Take the dictionary form of the verb:
하다 - To do (ha-da)
2. Drop the '다' and add 지마세요
하지마세요 - Don't do it! (ha-ji-ma-se-yo)
3. If you're being informal, drop the 세요^^
하지마 - Don't do it! (ha-ji-ma!)

You've heard it plenty of times before:

보지마! - Don't look!


하지마! - Don't do it!


가지마! - Don't go!


울지마! - Don't cry!


Easy right!?

Check out BAP's 하지마 to help you remember :D

I always tell my dogs "하지마~아~아!!!" when they're about to do something really bad and I'm too far away to get to them in time LOL! They respond better to korean 😂😆
Got7's stop stop it helped me learn this 😊
I was thinking of 하지 하지마 by Got7 the whole time.
you all can also check out GOT7s Stop Stop it. it's neat and it includes a bunch if these :D
감사합니다 ~ things are really starting to make sense ~ 고맙습니다!
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