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Soo Hyun becomes a fool in 'Be Covert, Be Great'
In Soo Hyun's upcoming movie premiering this June, he will become the village's dumb guy Dong Goo, dressed in a green tracksuit with messy hair - but always with a wide smile on his face. But is it really all to it? Well, if you know K-movie any better, of course not. As the caption ′Born a wild dog, raised to be a monster, melting in as a fool,′ implies, Dong Goo has hidden in him a monster. He is no one else but the top star in an elite unit of North Korea spies, sent to South Korea under a covert mission as a neighborhood's idiot. Joining him are another two spies under the mask of a rocker wannabe and a flower boy high-schooler (photos). The three spies hide a great scheme behind their seemingly normal lives. The filming was finished in March and according to Enews, Be Covert, Be Great has been drawing great attention. Its trailer video had 630,000 views on the first day of release and hitting millions now, while its poster goes viral on the internet. I can't wait for this movie. This time, he has to completely get rid of his King image in The Sun and The Moon and transform into a fool, and a spy, at the same time!! I'm so glad that he's enjoying the attention that he definitely deserves. Fighting Soo Hyung!
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