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Pic 1: @thePinkPrincess, I am dying here that look on Jin's face... Pic 2: Again @PrincessUnicorn, that is your bae and my bae... They ARE the visuals right??? Lol I love these boys... Pic 3: @VKookie47 and @SimplyAwkward, these two... Omg, Kookie (I am betting) was in trouble when Namjoon woke up!!! Pic 4: @SugaOnTop, and yes this is your bae in the arms of all our baes... Somehow I find this extremely funny yet attractive... Am I weird??? (Btw Tae is under Yoongi) Pic 5: @VKookie47, I actually have no words for this but one... ADORABLE!!! Pic 6: I swear I wouldnt be able to keep a straight face with Tae doing that in front of me... I would die... Pic 7: @SugaOnTop, somehoe I feel like this is his response to a lot of things... Lol is that just me or what??? Pic 8: @amobigbang... Tae's hands are on Jimin... And Tae's face cracks me up...
I am sorry if I have missed your comment about being tagged... I was only off Vingle for 6ish hrs and when I got back on I had 260 notifications, so if I didnt get yours I might have lost them in there... Please just leave me another comment okies??? Anyways I had planned on going to bed (even said good night to my dear Nabi) but got swindled into doing the (entire household's) laundry all night so I am extremely tired and probably a bit wacky too...
This has been edited on 7/5/16... I will be going through and updating all the tags on all my cards...
@BulletproofV Ohhh its ok...thank u though
@SugaMint well you were on one of my lists... sorry... I have 2 one on my phone and one on desktop... must not have carried over... fixed now!!!
Can i please be tagged l? Thank uu 😃😄
Please tag me :) these cracked me up
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