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Kim Jongin Day❤️

Happy Birthday, Kai, you sexy beast. I fell in love when I saw your Aegyo 😂 You're almost.... No you are Flawless. With a capital F. Your dance moves are killing and your sweet nature complements it 💥 I can't even list an imperfection, maybe cuz you mean so much to me. I know you'll probably never read this and you have millions of fans, but still. You're my dear bias wrecker #1 😉 You're so cute and caring and what not. I hope you have a great day today for all the great times you've shown me. ❤️ Keep Slayin'! Happy Jongin day! Lots of Love, EXO-L
@swarrier16 see you there then! 😄
@AaroHalbe Yup!! I'm so excited! Are you as well?
@AaroHalbe It's no problem! I'm glad I was able to help 😁
@swarrier16 sorry for mentioning you on a random card, but thank you so much for telling me to take that down. I didn't know the consequences and was really immature. Thanks for helping me. 😊
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