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They met long before they became Inhyun (InGwa) couple
This is when Ji hyun Woo became a guest for radio show hosted by Yoo In Na. (for the 3rd picture, pay more attention to Hyun Woo eyes, where did you look at Hyun Woo-ssi. Are you check on Yoo In Na :p) They said that Hyun Woo chose this drama by himself. Hmm.. I wonder if he chose this after he knows that Yoo In Na was chosen as the leading actress. If that so, maybe he really have some feeling for he (my imagination cos i'm their shipper :p)
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i think the friendship is quite apparent in their show. unlike my other OTP couple, GYEH, where there were scenes where u could clearly see GY not in character. it was all business with him. :(
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Let's hope for the best for both of them, no matter what....
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let's became their shipper....
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