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Smule Sing Karaoke

Hey guys, I just recently downloaded this app, and it's really fun singing on it. If anyone doesn't know what if is, it's like a karaoke machine. There's whole bunch of different genres songs, including......... da dada da!!!!!! KPOP!!!!! You also record yourself each time you sing a song, so that you know what you sound like while singing the song. Another thing that's fun is that you can sing with all sorts of people. Like you can do duets, collaborations, even groups. So if anyone would like to do a collab kpop song with me, be sure to look me up ✌✌✌ There's also various songs from anime. The songs from Tsubasa Chronicles are my absolute favorite I go as EmilyPVIXXLeoFan As long as the kpop song is from VIXX, B2ST, EXO, and or Sistar, I can do it. I just recently got into Bigbang and BTS so I don't know much of their songs very well , so the other four groups that I've listed are. Can't wait to sing with you guys!!!
If you want to add me my username is superjuniorelf16
oh, shoot. I forgot. it's EX_AnnyeongAnnie
@AnnyeongAnnie for some reason I can't find you on there 😢😢😢
ignore the "?" 😂😂😂
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