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I don't really have a "wifu", I've never been one for Pershing the personified or unattainable (I.e. Celebrities or fictional characters) with the exception of Raven from the classic Teen Titans show, but...come on...who didn't? But if I had to pick a type or a certain character to be with IAL(in anime life) or IRL it would totally be Suzuno From Devil is a Part Timer (Hataraku Maō-Sama!) Why? She's awkward, cute, totally out of the times, and I mean...come on...who doesn't look good in a Kimono? She's self reliant and empowered, but endearing and soft. Just, don't piss her off...
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Noodles I'm hungry...
I love this choice! @CalebSharp I also am not one that loves the "waifu" idea in the acutally-devote-your-life-to-them-self, but I do like the "lets talk about the girls in anime who are great!" way!!
Thanks @hikaymm yeah, it seems to me that devoting yourself to a fictional character or celebrity just gets in the way of a real and intimate relationship.
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