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@miranpark88 who? me? I just ran off with the last remaining pieces mwahahahaha XD
5 years ago·Reply
@MoonMiYeon @cheerfulcallie @YinofYang Girls I am so proud of you all coz you are all working out through running. @miranpark88 @kristenadams pls continue to post more food so that we can all slim down before Xmas ! : )
5 years ago·Reply
@MoonMinYeon I knew it, MoonMi! I knew you ran off with it all. @cheerfulcallie That is a very strong possibility sis...(^_~) @miranpark88 True, true! I couldn't help but crack up with this whole ridiculous thread. Ahahahaha! @oj1992 Thank you, thank you. I think we're all definitely getting a work out.
5 years ago·Reply
hey girlssssssssss :*)
5 years ago·Reply
@kristenadams hey girlieeeeeee! sorry we're fighting over that delicious pie you posted :3
5 years ago·Reply