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Game For Starlights:Card 3 Your Life with Your VIXX Member!

**NOTE: The next card may be a day late due to my daily life schedule right now. Next up is "How many".... "How many what?" You might ask, well, you'll just have to wait and see!
So, are you ready to see where you will be going? Are you sure you're ready? I don't know, maybe I should just stop the card right here and let you make up your own story for your life with your honey muffin..... Okay, that was a little cheesy! lol
Any who, I promised to show you where your going to go and how it's going to go down tonight. But look out for the *special card*, what is it going to reveal later on? Did you get the card? Should your fingers be crossed or uncrossed? Will you like the outcome of this story? I don't know BUT let's just say no matter what it will be a good ending... unless you don't like the ending and well, oops... :D You'll just have to see!
This 4 of Clubs belongs to you, once Y/M saw that you picked it, his expression became extremely happy but his hands were shaking as he whipped it away and dashed back into the office.
"Where are you going? Can we go eat now? I'm starving!" You whined at his back.
"Yes, just one moment, and I'll be there!" Y/M yelled back.
"Fine, I'll go wait in the car," You said and walked out of the house.
He doesn't act like this a lot. Work must be extremely stressful on him these days. He has been having a hard schedule with traveling and interviews and then going to practice and all. You barely get to see him, all you wish is to have a very simple and peaceful night together but with the way his grin and his nerves are you're sure it probably will be anything but simple.
He gets in the car and turns in the seat looking you straight in the eyes. He is really close to you and you're not sure whether to back off or move forward and kiss him. Before you had made up your mind and Y/M said, "Do you love me, Y/N?"
Your taken aback, "W-what?" He's definietly not the type to ever ask that one on the whim, "What did you do wrong?" You asked him suspiciously, glaring at him.
Y/M laughed and his eyes lit up brightly, "Do you love me, Y/N?"
"Yes, of course I do," You said, still glaring at him curiously, "So, seriously what did you do?"
Y/M kissed your forehead and started the car. It took you all thirty minutes to get to the restaurant that you had apparently picked. You weren't expecting to see this place ever in your life. It is the restaurant that everyone had raved about at work. The new restaurant that costed more than a pretty little penny that you had ever owned.
"Y/M, how are we going to afford a plate of food here?" You gaped at Y/M. He just smiled and guided you in the front door with his hand on the small of your back. The waiter took us to the back room of the restaurant.
"Order whatever you want tonight, Y/N," Y/M said and gave you a playful half smile.
"B-but how- I mean the first cheap dish on here is like forty dollars!" You exclaimed.
"And if that is what you wish to have then you shall get it," Y/M said. You just passed him a glare. After you all started the main course you realize for the brand new restaurant that was so high quality there wasn't many people here.
"Where is everyone tonight? I mean it is Friday."
"I... I rented this back room out for us," Y/M said to you quietly. He had started to play with his food in his plate. He wouldn't look you in the eyes and he squirmed in his chair when he sensed you staring at him with shock.
"Do what? You did what? How? Y/M we don't have the money for this! How can you do this? I mean it's sweet and cut and all but dude! How much-"
"I did it because I wanted you to remember this forever," Y/M said to you. He met your eyes at that moment and the mood they created made you stop breathing.
"Why? What's so special about it?" You asked still not understanding what the hell was going on. He smirked at you and stood at the table.
"Y/M, you have been with me for a year now, and even though we haven't been together physically this whole time, I still feel this amazing connection with you that I don't think anything could break it," Y/M walked over to your side of the table and crouched down, "Do you know how much I love you?"
"Yes, to the "moon and back", " You said to him with a 'matter of fact' tone of voice but kept your expression light and playful, "You tell this every night."
"And I mean it every night, Y/N," Y/M said, his eyes seemed to glitter in the candle light, "Y/N, you make me the happiest man on this planet, and I want to keep you as long as you'll have me," Y/M took a deep breath, which reminded you to breath as well, "Y/N, will you marry me?" Y/M opened a box that had the most beautiful ring that you had ever seen in it. You couldn't believe that this was actually happened. You had dreamed of it, but dreams had always been just that to you, a dream, but this... this had come true! "Y/N, are you crying because your saying yes or no? I can't tell."
You had let a sob escape you, 'hell, when did I start crying?' you thought. You tried to open your mouth to speak but you couldn't so you just nodded with your hands over your mouth. He smiled at you, ecstatic energy raring off of him as he kissed your forehead. You put your left hand out and he put your ring on your finger, "To the moon and back," he whispered to you, gazing up at you under his eyelashes.
The two of you went to get something to eat at the small restaurant downtown that is your favorite place to go. It felt like home and it was a very cozy place. Everything was lit up inside, warm, and the atmosphere was always happy. Y/M couldn't stop watching you.
"Are you happy, Y/N?" Y/M asked you as he leaned on his elbows and laid his head on his hands. You put your fork down.
"Yes, I'm very happy. It's about time we get to be with one another!" You smile at him.
"No, not in general. I mean are you happy with us?" Y/M asked you, his face because very serious. The light that was shining in his eyes drew dark and his eyebrows drew together as if you were going to say "NO".
"Yes, Y/M, I am very happy with us. I mean joke around about us not being together but I know that your job comes first and that your really happy in the state that your in so I - I'm fin," You smiled at him encouragingly.
Y/M shook his head a little and looked down, "How many times have we been together this month?"
"Five days out of this months," You said and then realized how bad that sounded. You cleared your throat, "Bu- but you know, I mean, like you have your career and I have mine, and we just need to find time to be together. I think all couples go through the same thing, ya know?" You start playing with your food, like you have always done when you get nervous, "But it's not like the five days was all, we texted and snapchatted, we also hung out with your band." And as you tried to get off the topic to bring the chill out of the air, "You know, Becky? I think she would look really good with your manager... you know the young one, with black hair, oh! What is his name?! Jiyon- no, Taec- no, Lee-"
"Y/N," His voice interrupted you.
"No, it's not that, it's more like, oh, I don't know, something with a "J"," You said out loud still trying to think of his name. Y/M called your attention back on him.
"Are you ready to leave?"
"Oh, sure!" You said, and grabbed your coat from the chair. Y/M helped you put it on.
You got to the cab and slid in, Y/M told the director to go to the concert hall in Seoul. You looked at him questioningly.
"Business. I need to check the lights and make sure that Lee put the markers down for tomorrow night's concert," Y/M said to you.
"Of course," You said to him with a little more of a bitter tone than you meant to put in. He gave you a half smile and looked out the window laying his arm around your shoulders.
When you got to the concert hall, Y/M paid the driver and you both went in. The Christmas lights were out making the concert hall absolutely beautiful. You had a hard time seeing all the details at once that someone had to have had the trouble of putting them up for the concert. You walk through the halls to the stage the Y/M will be performing on. It was so huge, you had no idea how they got around in the place without getting lost!
"Do you remember this place?" Y/M asked you as you walked up on the stage together holding hands.
"What do you mean?" You asked him not understanding.
"Look where you are."
You thought about it. You then realized that you were at the concert hall that you two had met at. He had called you up on stage as the lucky contestant to be sung to by him during his solo. He had saw you in the crowd and picked you out. He had gave you permission to go back stage and wait for him after the concert and join him at the fan meeting to help out. At the end of the night you two had exchanged numbers. Of course, you didn't think that he would ever get in contact with you, so, you had just taped his number to your wall at home, but when your kpop friend found it in your bedroom she had taken the liberatey to call him for you. That's how your relationship started, she called him, he answered, you had freaked out and hung up on him - of course not behind the loud squeal of fright came out - and he called you back. "Yes, I know where we are, it's where we first met."
"Right, Y/M, every moon needs it's star," Y/M said as he came over to you. He stood in front of you and intertwined his fingers with yours just like he had when he was singing to you.
"Just like every star needs her moon," You completed the love sentence you two had created together.
"I can't breath without you. I can't sing/rap/dance without you, Y/N, I need you," Y/M said to you, his eyes shining in the lights. "I love you," he said. It took your breath away. He had never said that before to you. And the way he said with a broken voice made you want to cry. He knelt down on one knee in front of you, "Will you promise to be with me forever, to let the moon and stars shine together, Y/N, will you marry me?"
In your head your screamed like a banshee and running around in circles with excitement, on the outside you force yourself to breath, "Yes," You said in a whisper.
The spotlight turned on you guys as he stood straight up and kissed you hard. You could only hold on to him as a support because you weren't sure your legs would support you anymore.
"You go girl!"
"That's how you do it, Y/M!"
"Who the he-?" You broke the kiss to look in the direction of the stoplight and see VIXX members and their soul mates. You both laugh at the cat calls and he puts the ring on your finger.
You all finished supper and went down the street for a stroll. You hadn't been together, just the two of you, in at least two weeks. He hated that he didn't get to spend more time with you, especially since that is the reason you moved to Seoul, Korea from the (Your location) in the first place.
Your feet started hurting you after a few minutes of walking on the street, so you take your heels off and hold them in your hand as you walked along, "Ew," Y/M said.
"What? You wear heels for five hours!" You exclaimed at him and smacked his chest playfully.
"Seriously, put them back on, it can't be healthy walking around hear like that," He said with his hands on his hips.
"No, I'll be fine," You said, and started walking and dancing around happily. You smiled knowing he was watching your every move.
"Y/N, I'm being serious, put th-"
"And, Mr. Y/M, no," You said, standing in front of him, puffing your chest out to match him and putting your bottom lips out, meeting his gaze.
"Did you just stomp your foot at me?" He asked astonishment filled his voice but his eyes grew dark in his playful way he had always done.
"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't!" You said, and backed away slowly from him.
"Come here and you can ride on my back, I don't want you to get sick," He said, but you were having fun and you said no again. He stopped closer to you and you matched his step going backwards, "Y/N, if I catch you-"
"You'll what?" You interrupted and leaned forward like you couldn't hear him but knew you were at a safe distance away from him. His eyes drew darker. You have now enter into game challenge mode with him.
"Hana, dul," He smirked at you. You took off before he got to the count of three putting as much space as you could between the two of you. "Set!" Y/M yelled, you could hear his foot steps grow louder behind you super fast. You had to zigzag to get him further away from you until reached the water fountain in the middle of the park. The night air filled with your laughing. You ran to the other side of the fountain and you put your hand up.
"Time! I need a breath!" You grabbed the front of your shirt.
"Time? Breath? There's no stopping until I have you the way I want you, Ms. Y/N," Y/M said with a deep voice. He stalk around the fountain in quick deliberate strides. You were both smiling. You wouldn't take your eyes off his, trying to know where he would go from here. What he next move was.
You saw him lick his lip, which was a tell-tale sign that he was about to move again. Y/M got right up on you before you could back up fast enough so without thinking you scooped up water from the fountain in your hand and threw it on him. The cold water during the July heat shocked him to where he stood still for a few moments collecting himself. You giggled at his expression, his white shirt soaked through.
"Did you like that?" You asked him tauntingly. He fixed his gaze on you and before you knew it he had picked you up and threw you into the water. "(Full name)Y/m!" You squealed, smacking the water with your hand and wiping your makeup off with the other.
"Did you like that?" He asked you, leaning over on the edge and smiling at you.
"No, I didn't fu**ing like that," You growled, "EVERYTHING is COLD!"
Y/M laughed at your commotion. You looked like a cat that had been thrown in the water. You start to splash the cold water on him, he couldn't have ducked in time to miss all of the water. He was soaked threw as well. He laughed and jumped in the fountain with you. You through your arms around him, "I missed you like this," You said to him.
"Y/N, will you marry me?" Y/M asked you with a toothy smile.
"What?" You said, thinking he was just caught up in the moment.
Y/M pulled out a box from his pants pocket and asked, "Will you marry me?"
"Y-yes," You stammered, "Yes, I will marry you!" The lights in the park turned on and the fountain water started changing colors. You paused and looked at him straight in the eyes, "One condition, just promise me one thing."
His eyebrows lifted, "What is that?"
"Smile and laugh more like you did tonight. I miss that. I miss you," You said to him, gripping his shirt tightly in your hands, "Please."
"Yes, I will do that."
He promised to take you out tonight as a date. Just the two of you. Somehow you were starting to feel that it would happen. You picked the card and he said that you all would go... two hours ago. He was still standing in the office with the phone to his ear listening to his manager tell him his problems.
You had really just given up the idea of going out and took your coat off. You had played with your phone for the last two hours and it finally declared death. You sighed and threw yourself into a laying position on the couch. You listened to the tick of the clock and his mumbling in Korean until you fell asleep.
"Y/N," an angelic voice called your name from your sleep, "You need to get up, honey." You grumbled and told him exactly where he needed to go for waking you up.
Yes, the voice was nice but you were tired. "Please?" He whispered with a chuckle. At that sexy whisper that he did that he knew would work on you, you got up with a smack of the couch.
"What?" You mumbled and swayed trying to regain your balance.
"Well, it's too late to go out to eat now, but I've made us something to eat," He said and walked into the kitchen.
"What happened to the take out menu? Didn't we agree that you would NEVER enter into the kitchen again? I swear if anything is on fire I will hurt you," You threatened as you walked into the hall. You checked the time, 11p.m., it was too late to call for take out. You think that there is some ramen noodles in the pantry if this is super bad. He NEVER cooks, and there is a good reason WHY.
"Just try it!" He yelled from the kitchen. You entered in the room slowly making sure nothing would explode. When you looked in to the room you saw the table set up prettily with your favorite color as the table cloth, the nice candles wear out, and the silver wear. He was using your fine China on an average day like this, WHAT THE HE**? You think. You scan the are closer and see that he even cleaned before you had woke up.
"How long was I asleep?" You asked, "When did you learn to cook? When did you learn which side the silver wear went on?"
"You're just SO FUNNY!" He said with acid in his tone, "Sit here." You sat at the indicated seat and waited for him to serve you. You folded the napkin on your lap and took a drink of the mixed drink he made for you, "YouTube is an amazing place to go to get info on how to cook and make the table and drinks!" He said happily as he fixed everything the way he wanted it. You smiled at his cute demeanor.
"So, what did you make?" You asked cautiously as he handed you the plate. It was some thing that you hadn't seen before, you picked at it with your fork.
"I found a good video on how to make raw salmon sushi!" Y/M said and smiled, "Dig in!"
You waited on him to take the first bite, it didn't look like any sushi that you had ever seen, but you willing to give it a try since it was his first time cooking. He chewed and it seemed like he liked it. So, tried to figure out how to put the thing of seaweed on your fork but before you could Y/M took your fork from you and scooped up the mushiness and put it to your lips. You looked at him a little skeptical but obliged. It had tasted really salty and slimy but you didn't like raw fish anyway. You gave it a fair minute and it wasn't too bad for his third time cooking something... edible.
A few minutes paused, "So, is it good? Do you like it?" He asked looking at you carefully.
"Yeah, it's pretty good," You said cheerfully and smiled at him. He smiled back and hummed as he ate.
"Are you mad at me, Y/N?" He asked as you both had fallen into silence.
You took a breathe, you didn't want to lie to him and say that you weren't mad at him, so you chose to be blunt, "I'm not the happiest person in the world right now."
"Would you tell me why then?" He asked cautiously. You placed your fork down carefully on the table and took a drink of whatever he had made you. You crossed your arms over your chest and crossed your legs under the table, you stared at him while his eyes were focused on the table. You were not going to be harsh. You hated fighting with him but you wanted to know some thing.
"Yes, I will," You started off coolly, "How long have we been together?" You asked him.
"A year..."
"Yes, and we barely spend time with each other. Even when you finally come off tour and your in the same town as I am, it's like you're not here. We make plans and dates but they never stick. I always feel like I come in second place and sometime tenth depending on the circumstances," You turn to him and rest your elbows on your knees, "I'm tired, Y/M, of chasing you around. I'd like to be chased! Da*n. I mean, we even made plans tonight, but we didn't go out to eat because you were on your phone with your manager." You take a deep breath, "You're always away from me. I feel like I'm in a relationship by myself." You stopped to cool down the blush that came to your cheeks, "Y/M, please, would you tell me what we can do to fix this in our relationship because I'm tired - I'm tired of chasing you around and knowing that I'm last place in your list every time and thinking that this is a lost cause," You had almost started crying but held it together; you cleared your throat.
"I'm sorry, Y/N, I know how you've been feeling. I have been feeling the same way," Y/M said....
Okay, this is the card that is special. If you picked this card you have two choices right now. You can either, Make Up or Break Up and pick a different VIXX member to continue the story with.
Make up:
"I'm sorry, Y/N, I know how you've been feeling. I have been feeling the same way," Y/M said, he cleared his throat, "That's why I've asked the company for some time off."
"What?" You asked astonished at his words, "What do you mean "time off"?"
"Well, I realized that we hadn't been able to be with each other. I love you, and I want to be with you. I WANT us to be number one but it doesn't seem to be working right now."
"So, wait, are you - are you saying your quitting your dream job for us?" You asked feeling extremely guilty.
"No, just for a while, I'm taking a break," He said.
"For how long?" You asked him.
"Three years," He said with a sigh, "I will still write songs and send them in to the CEO but for the most part I'm yours for a year."
"Your off three years, and I only get you a year?" You asked completely confused.
"Yes, this year I will be here and focused on you and song lyrics. Then I will do my military tour. After I'm out of the military, I go back in to the music business," He said, he had grabbed your hands and started to rub them.
"So, will you go back in to the band after the three years?" You asked, you didn't want to break the band up for your own selfish reasons.
"Yes, I will still be a part of them, and if it doesn't get in the way I may do one or two songs with them but I won't go on tour," He said, he pulled a card out of a pink envelope from the table, "Read this, it's from my boss.:
You opened the letter and read the Hangul out loud so he could correct the words that you had missed, "Dear Mr. and Mrs. (Y/M last name), I'm so happy to see that you two are together and doing well as a young couple. I am proud of you both for sticking together and always finding a way. Please, take my offer that Mr. Y/M is about to give you and his offer that he is about to or already has given you and put them to good use.
Signed, (CEO)."
You looked up at him, "What is he talking about?"
He smiled and moved to get on the floor in front of you. He knelt there looking up in to your eyes, "Y/N, I know it has been hard on us, I know it will be hard on us, but I love you and I believe that you love me as well...."
"So, would you do me the honor of marring me?" He asked you and opened the small box that he had put on the table earlier. It was the most gorgeous ring that you had ever witnessed. You could only smile and nod. The tears were threatening to flow out and as he whispered, "Happy one year anniversary," You let the tears become a river down your cheeks, not caring anymore about your mascara messing up. He wasn't finished with you yet, "Oh, and he got us a plane ticket and a hotel get away for two weeks at his private island."


Break up:
"I'm sorry, Y/N, I know how you've been feeling. I have been feeling the same way," Y/M said, he took a deep breath, "I think we should stop. I think our relationship has made a turn for the better and we would be happier with different people." He smiled sadly at you, "I have a very commanding job that take a lot of my time and your career is unstable at it's best. We just - we don't mix well together."
"Thank you for the meal and the love that you have given me, please get your things and leave," You said with a cold tone and left the room. You went to the bathroom and cried.
There was a small knock on the door, "Happy anniversary," he whispered.
Seven months later:
You and (different member) Y/M were walking in the park. He brought you to the end of one of the paths to a waiting black motorcycle, "Come on!" He said smiling.
You put on the helmet and got on the back of the bike holding on to him as tight as you could. He sped down the highway as fast as he could get the motor going. You held on with one arm and let your other hand float in the air beside you. You were having so much fun! You hadn't had this much fun in two years. You were falling for this guy deeper and deeper.
"You okay?" He yelled to you.
"H*ll yeah!" You yelled back laughing. You loved the feel of the bike on your skin.
He stopped at one of the most popular beaches in the area. It was beautiful there and you were able to watch the sun go down together as you walked on the sand letting the waves whisper around your ankles. Y/M held you close to him, "Please, don't disappear on me." He whispered under his breathe, you don't know what he means by that but its such a wonderful moment with the two of you side by side like that you just stayed silent. He kissed your forehead and leaned you closer to him.
As the sun escaped beneath the ocean Y/M turned to you and held your hands, "I know that you have been through a hard time, and I have too, in the past couple of years, but if you will give me a chance, Y/N, I'd like to make up for lost time that we weren't together," Y/M said huskily, and he knelt in front of you. You placed your hand to your heart and smiled at him, "If you would, please give me the privilege of marring you."
"Yes!" You yelled without really meaning to. You wrapped your arms around his neck and knelt with him. He showed you the ring and your heart fluttered, it was more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

You choose what you want to do if you got the last card!!

I hope you all like this so far, let me know in the comment before.
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Omg, Hyuk proposed after throwing me in a fountain. I should be mad at him cause my hair is now all types of fxxked up but like he proposed so I can't. He is lucky he's cute.
@DasiaB lmao, if I was in your place I would do the same thing. lol.
@MorganElisabeth you are such a sap. I hope you and Wonsik have a wonderful relationship.
ahh i am sorry N but my Bean awaits for me so I break up with N to be with Hongbin
I broke up with Ravi for Leo lmao! I'm so horrible....🙈🙈🙈😂
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Jin Lotte Family Concert Pictures!!!😵😍💜
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RM Lotte Family Concert Pictures!!!😵😍💜
Uhhhhhhh....... Idk how to feel right now! But hot damn look at Namjoon!!! Is it me or is it getting hot in here?? *dies* *credit to the owner's of the pics & gif* ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul @gabstar143 @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @jiminiebae @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929 @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @Taekookimonster @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*
"BTS 2019 Summer Package In Korea" [Preview]!!!☀️🌞💜 Okay first of all they all look so handsome! Second of all BigHit is going to make me go broke *credit to the owner's of the video & gif* ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul @gabstar143 @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @jiminiebae @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929 @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @MelissaGarza @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @Taekookimonster @Tiffiedannie @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*
Taehyung Lotte Family Concert Pictures!!😵😍💜
Can we talk about Taehyung's black hair?!?! I love when his hair is black! He looks so freaking good with black hair!❤ *credit to the owner's of the pics & gif* in case you missed the other memebers pictures here are the links to those cards⤵️ RM⤵️ Jin⤵️ Suga⤵️ J-Hope⤵️ Jimin⤵️ Jungkook⤵️ ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul @gabstar143 @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @jiminiebae @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929 @krissynormam @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @Taekookimonster @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*
Jungkook Lotte Family Concert Pictures!!😵😍💜
My heart!! *dies* He is so freaking cute!! I am in love with his long hair❤ *credit to the owner's of the pics & gifs* ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul @gabstar143 @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @jiminiebae @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929 @krissynormam @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @Taekookimonster @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*
J-Hope Lotte Family Concert Pictures!!😵😍💜
"J-Hooooooooooooope!!!" *suga's voice* J-Hope is so freaking handsome❤ *credit to the owner's of the pics & gif* ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤: @amandamuska @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul @gabstar143 @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @jiminiebae @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929 @krissynormam @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @Taekookimonster @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokie    *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*