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Holidays with my friends in Vilanculos. Magical place which offers a variety of activities. I have to say, even though I wasn't with my family, it was the greatest Christmas season I ever had surrounded by my friends and nice African people. We stayed in a backpacker hostel for a really good price and had permission to use the kitchen if we wanted too. We snorkeled in a near island by Vilanculos. Many memories from this especial place which I hope can come back some day in the future. Hitchhiking, off course to get there, the best way to travel.
Wow ! it is really nice experience of yours I think! I would to experience something like that in my life, well I mean before I settle down. I also want to go out of my country, and experience more the world :) > Anyway good luck with everything in your life !! Peaceee and llove !
Is weird for me but at the same time it is nice...I know someday soon I will come back down there
So how do you feel to be back in the US? Back with the civilization :P ?
well :))
@JesseJeje I was working as a volunteer but I am already back in the US
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