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CL makes Skrillex a Cake

So i just took a bunch of screen shots of sonny moore using his snap chat lmao i love seeing them together ♠♦ Two of my Favorite People! His Birthday is coming up and his friends including CL from 2ne1 had a early kick back ? i guess they chilled while CL made him a cake from scratch because thats all you hear her say since she laughed 90% of the time
His Birthday is on the 15th of January but its never early enough to celebrate a Bday right? What i find cute is that im so sure CL is Buzzed making this cake for him hehe
Sonny liked the Cake so i guess CL has some Chef Skills i wanna try it #goals
I wanted to share a Historical moment kk A Buzzed CL making Skrillex a Cake here you have it haha and Happy Birthday to Sonny ♦♥♥♠♥♠♦♠♦♠♦♠♦♠♠♥♠♦♦♠
Sooo cute!!! Hahaha she looks really drunk 😂😂 I love her!!
me too i was half asleep i didn't recognize her at first lol @krin
i'll start shipping these 2 so hard.
They be so cute! @wendycraftq
i want them to date too but CL os like 24 and hes like 27 i think turning 28 . lol they.. i totally ship them together! @AngieLicon @StephersTaylor
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