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Stories Drawings Compositions Photos Imaginations Get the hell out of my mind Whatever I write, draw or just think You really need to be there? Your absence is a nebula A black hole in the middle Absorbing my light Absorbing my life Absorbing me Where am I Who am I Let me go Please I just want to escape Again And again And again Paradox Going up and down Turning right and left Again and again Paradox in the black hole Paradox in space and time Paradox in love and hate I love and hate the Paradox The unknown mystery of you and me Or just me Where are you Who are you Let me go Please To find you I returned to the beginning To end everything before starting In the paradox You were not there Beggining was not there I was the beginning I was the nebula You were the light trying to escape Please leave me Leave me alone Drakness is my light Hate is my love Past is my future Paradox is my home You are me I am you Stories Drawings Compositions All about me Full of you Past is full of you Future will be mine Without you, without me I am space You are time I am filling you You are my past and future I am up to you You are absolute You are the paradox I love you I hate you