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Chris Browns new single "I Can't Win" Airs out drama between him & Rihanna
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Chris Brown sings about his rocky relationship with Rihanna in his new song "I Can't Win" In the song, Breezy sings about a woman in his life that was once all about loving him but is now angry, distant and difficult. While he never mentions a name in the song, it’s not hard to guess who he’s singing about with him alluding to things like the “woman’s” out of control drinking habits, her distrust of him because of other women, and how he’ll always want her no matter how crazy she acts. Here is a bit of the lyrics: “When You Called I Would Follow, Now The Only Thing You Love Is A Bottle…” Shit is going down!
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Publicity publicity! anyway, even if this was true, who can blame Riri for being "distant" ?
i dont think this is publicity, i think he may be really trying to work things out with rihanna. anyways, i hope them the best!
if you check out her recent activity she has been hitting the sauce hard, but you never know whta really happens between those two