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Johnny was on the set of "Transcendence" in which he was rocking a clean-cut look reminiscent of his "21 Jump Street" days back in the '80s. With short, floppy hair, cool shades, a simple outfit -- devoid of his typical layers upon layers of accessories -- Depp reminded us of Tom Hanson, the best-looking narc in all of TV history. (Our apologies to Richard Grieco!) So what if his white T-shirt was a little stained for his role as a computer scientist? At least we can see it … unlike most of Depp's real-life outfits these days, which are largely hidden under gold chains, skull necklaces, scarves, beads, and other dangly jangly objects. cr:yomg
@shoenami Yep, me too! We all have to go see Lone Ranger.
ahahahaha @YinofYang ! I love Jack Sparrow, but I like my Johnny au natrale! ;D
Oh my god...he looks so different! I came back to look. Hahaha! That's awesome! I am always, always down for a Depp movie. :D
You guys would see more of this Johnny Depp! He's gonna wear this style on the movie he's making
oh yes.. It's a miracle! i haven't seen those jaws for like forever!!
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