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It's been a little while since I've posted a new flirting tip, but don't worry, Lovebugs – MAMA'S BACK. I'm here to turn you into the minx you were always meant to be.
If you want my 7 top tips for turning awkward interactions into masterpieces of flirtation, look no further. Trust me – when you're looking to get your flirt one, these are the most important things you need to know.

1. Be a little shameless.

When you're flirting, people should know it. That's why you're flirting, right? To get the attention of the object of your affections, and maybe even get them to do a little flirting back? Well, guess what, honey – that's not gonna work if he doesn't realize you're flirting.
People have this crazy fear that *gasp* he'll realize I'm trying to flirt with him. Well, YEAH! He better! Or you're doing it wrong!!
Don't be afraid to be a shameless flirt. Shameless flirts do WORK. And whether or not you're super-seriously interested in someone, people love to be flirted with. It makes them feel special. Make sure it's clear that you're just having fun and not being serious – and then practice away.

2. Never underestimate the power of some suggestive eye contact.

Don't be shy. Shyness is what's killing your flirt game. Be bold! Make a move! Bump into him, brush his hand with yours, look deep into his eyes!!
These are all just ideas, of course, but what you should take away is this: the eyes are the window to the flirt. Or the door. Or something. Whatever. THEY'RE YOUR WAY IN! Flirting with the 2-Second Rule is my personal favorite: catch his eye, look away, catch his eye for 2 SECONDS, look away, smile. Done deal.

3. Be the g-ddamn confident queen you were meant to be.

Okay yeah confidence is like this played out theme in flirting. Some people say it's the only thing you need, other people say that's bullsh-t and only works for attractive people, I say whatever. Everybody's attractive in their own way, and being shy and down on yourself isn't helping anyone seem sexier.
So kick self-doubt to the curb! Lift up your arms and sing, "I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN ME!" Or don't do that, maybe. But have confidence that you are a sexy, amazing, badass dude or lady, and that you are loveable and awesome and funny, gosh darnit. They'd be LUCKY to have you!
And of course, fake it til you make it. Confidence is hands down the most attractive quality, so building yours is a worthwhile investment.

4. Cuddling is the sneakiest thing ever.

Be one of those sneaky people who loves to cuddle. "Oh, it's just cuddling!" These people work on me every time. They lull me into this friendly, warm, snuggly sense of security, and I'm like, well maybe they just want to be friends and they just really like snuggling... wait a minute, this is really cozy. And kinda sexy. Oh boy. I kinda want him to kiss me... aaaand he's kissing me, this is awesome. Woohoo!
If you can get someone to be all snuggly with you, you're already won the first half of the flirtation battle. It's so much easier to do things like play-fight, put your arm around them, steal their clothes, give them the ol' flirty touch on the arm... all the classic moves, basically, when you've already established a physical connection.

5. Repeat after me: hair, laugh, cute smile, arm touch.

These are the tools of seduction. Also being cute helps.
Me flirting at a bar basically looks like this: I play with my hair, flash an adorable smile, laugh extra hard at his jokes, and touch his arm to emphasize my points/hint that I want his body. Ahem.
It's basically what people were brought up believing flirting looks like, thanks to movies and TV shows and stuff. So when even the most clueless guys see this whole routine, it's usually clear to them what's happening.

6. Remember, it's only awkward if you make it awkward!

Worried you're too awkward to pull of the whole "flirting" thing?
You're not!!! Seriously, the key to putting someone else at ease is feeling super comfortable yourself. If you don't think, "aahhhh is this weird!??!" then it's totally not weird!
Be cool, relax, be yourself, and have fun. That's all that matters. Don't beat yourself up if things don't go exactly according to plan. You'll always have another chance to play at this marvelous game we call flirtation!


Definition: excessive pride or self-confidence. Forget confidence – WERK THAT ATTITUDE, BIATCH. Don't be afraid to casually pepper the conversation with how crazy awesome you are. You know you're worth it! But do it in a charming, sweet way so people totally think you're joking (even though you're totally not).
For whatever reason, and don't ask me, as soon as you turn on the hubris, guys are like crawling all over you. Don't ask me why. Maybe because it's super attractive to know who you are and what you want. That's my theory. OR MAYBE I'M JUST SUPER ADORABLE DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT HUH (see? hubris in action!!)

Now get out there and make mama proud!!!

Are you feeling inspired to get your flirt on? Or got some questions on the finer points? Let me know in the comments!!
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Yes!! this is awesome! I firmly believe that confidence is key when it comes to flirting. Nice Sound of Music gif btw ;)
@deefran be confident, you're awesome!!
@AlloBaber Awesome tips...not sure I can pull off being a confident queen, but the rest....I will do my darndest.
almost 2 years single.... but ive always been awkward n shy with guys ive met since then.... so prob thts why ive been single for this long lol
NUMBER SIX. If I could shout that from the mountain tops I would. I lived with a girl whose main purpose in life was to make awkward situations and to OWN them. She never felt awkward because she had this amazing ability to turn it completely around and make it hilarious? I always think 'what would krissy do?' when i find myself edging toward awkward haha
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