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K-Pop Screenshot Game

This is just a little game that I made for my sister a few months ago,
and it's just been sitting on my phone so I thought,
I'm sure the Vingle k-pop community will appreciate this screen shot game!
It is tuned in to my sister and my tastes, so that sort of explains some of the choices and what not.


Either drag (on computer) or take a screen shot (on mobile) of each category
Write down your results!
I know many of us have played the screenshot games that @AimeeH makes for specific guy groups (with @ChelseaJay making a few girl group ones) but my game spans many different groups and people. *cough cough check out those beautiful humans games if you haven't*
Since I just made it for my sister and I know she knows all these people, I did not name anyone in the photos.
SO if you get anyone you do not know or recognize, comment describing the photo and I can easily tell you who they are.

Next Door Neighbors


Best Friend (1)

*we all know that the best tv show friendships have three people in them, it's basically a rule

Best Friend (2)



Secretly In Love With You

*he never confesses, just sadly pines for you forever sad sad sad


*but not end game


*end game...or is it?

Tries To Steal Your Heart

*from your hubs, it is up to you if he is successful or not
*I do not own of these photos, though I did compile them into speedy moving gifs
Please comment your results or make a card :) what ever you wanna do boo boo.
omg I love this game I got D.O as my husband and Kai as Tries to steal your heart omg lol I bet their both going to forget me and run away together lol
@CreeTheOtaku you can also use photoshop if you have it.
I desperately need help identifying mine
there is not enough Kai under "trying to steal my heart"...
I just screenshotted it all like five times at once because 1) there were surprisingly a lot o people I didn't know so I wanted someone I knew 2) After I got aomeone I knew I just wanted to see who else I could've gotten thank goodness it isn't junhyung I would've been so torn
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