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Do you think you are buying an authentic Gucci purse or a Chanel bag? Think again, 80% of people don't know what is a real authentic handbag looks like. Don't be a poor sucker buying bags that you think are real, most of the time in websites that sell items they will include "authentic" but are you really sure on what you buy is authentic? Find a serial number located inside the bags, background are either white, black or the same fabric with a clear stamped logo written on them. Prada - Look at the "R" in Prada in the leather stamp. In the real thing, the "R" has a curved right leg, but in the replicas this leg will be straight. Watch out for phony tags. Some replicas will add a tag to the outside of the bag that will bear the Prada label. Don't be fooled by how official this tag may look; Prada doesn't do this for their bags. All authentic bags have serial numbers they will also have certificates with them. Some replica bags have considered to have certificates of authenticity it is important to check the quality of the bags & that the stitching is straight. Replicas are known to have white, uneven or loose stitching. All authentic bags have gold metal plated zippers when you open them they glide easy without any fuss, poor quality zippers with sprayed on fake gold that won't glide very easy when opened.