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2NE1‘s Minzy showed her love for children by visiting Holt Children’s Services in Korea. Sean tweeted the above photo of her playing with the children, writing, “Minzy was a present to the small angels we had today at Holt. They haven’t seen her often, but they took her hand everywhere and asked her to play with them. ^^ She had a date with them. ^^ I hope all the children grow up in a loving family…” Quite the opposite from her fierce persona on stage, Minzy wore glasses and didn’t wear fierce stage makeup or a fancy outfit. She was smiling happily as she spent time with the children. Sean and his wife Jung Hye Yougn are ambassadors of Holt Children’s Services’, and Sean has always been the first to step up to help children in need. Minzy is such a nice girl!
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She looks adorable in glasses and good for her.