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Soo Hyun wants to marry someone 20 years younger?
Soo Hyun attended a premier for his upcoming 'Be Covert, Be Great' and talked about his marriage plan. He shared that he used to plan to marry at 36 or 37, but with the amount of work (and ambition, and fame) that he's getting, it seems he has to wait until he turns 41. However, he shocked everyone by revealing that at 41, he would like to marry a girl that is 21. That's a 20-year gap! This kind of makes me speechless lol. Seems like I'm waaaaay to old to be Soo Hyun's bride /cries.
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Soo Hyun WHY are you in your right mind? lol
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LOL not soo bad, his bride would call him aboji not yobo haha,
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haha..or in the other way around ajushi soo hyun...
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