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Navy's always the most basic colors for suits and overcoat. If you ever need to buy that first jacket/suit, go for a navy one. It will match well with any colors. Trust me.
@cheerfulcallie Wait, I just really read what you wrote. Oh, my god. You are beautiful. Don't make me beat you up. @carlosdang It's true! After all, my hubby is white. Ahahahaha! You crack me up so much. Lmao!
@YinofYang , glad to be of service, ma'am, lol
@cheerfulcallie really? no, I don't believe you, haha. I heard that white guys love girls with Asian heritage, no?
@cheerfulcallie Hm...I think he does. :P @carlosdang You certainly have my tastes down. Hahaha!
@carlosdang ...umm, have you seen me? i cant afford to be picky, i'll take whatever i can get....nah, i like white guys too but for some reason they arent interested in me....except there was this one white guy name jason @YinofYang ..sis, does he count?!? lolz
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