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Great chemistry from my favorite couple... They sure love to kiss. - foamed hand kiss - ear plug kiss - car kiss - library kiss - remote kiss - and the phenomenal tip toe kiss not forget also the back hug scene.. kyaaaa, love this couple so much. It's quite some time since I cheers for the leading actor and actress and ship them to be together for real.
cual es please como se llama este k-drama
your right some dramas its like the actors are robots....Ep 19 in Rooftop Prince the ending scene was one of the most beautiful and it too showed some REAL emotion...Scent of Women is another. one..some serious rumor about the lead actors. Maybe so, they really connec t in the drama...tango scene Firecracker Hot!
100% agreee... not like any other kdrama that very stiff when they do this kind of scene. it's like they enjoyed it :p
Think they are adorable and your right they do kiss alot....but doesn't seem like they are acting it's for real.