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NEW ANIME TO WATCH : Musaigen No Phantom World!!! Winter 2016!!

Hey Fam!!! as you guys know 2016 has many new awesome anime to offer us!!!It can only get better from here!!! Today i found this awesome new anime that just took off last week!!! Musaigen No Phantom World is definitely on my list!!! its a new fresh anime which is pretty unique!!! its had great reviews so far!!! not only does it have action it has Great art and vivid colors!!

Hunting phantoms so far seems to be what this anime is all about , but there's more than that each character seems to have strong characteristics!! not only doesn't take place at school and other regular places but it has magic and action!!!

Doesn't she look awesome and powerful!!!

Little to action/ battle feeling so far?? well this anime also has a cute side for those fans!!!

and of course there's that one boy and his companion!!!

not only is he cute he has some power also!!

Did I forget to mention there's comedy also!!

What do you think??? will you watch this anime??? do you think its interesting???what do you think???!?!?!

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Well you definitely got me hooked! gonna check it out soon! πŸ˜… looks good. This looks like the golden year of anime
not only will I watch this anime but I will continue to watch other anime as well!!!!1!!1
Caught my interest
it looks great visually and sounds like a good anime
Ill watch it looks good
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