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Photographer Penttja Site [http://www.flickr.com/photos/penttja/8344668714/in/photostream/] Doubtful Sound, New Zealand Sound or fjord as it is in Scandinavia in New Zealand. Some of the waterfalls there doesn´t reach land or water because powerful winds blows water all around before that. Concerning this waterfall that´s not the case. Captain Cook didn´t have courage to enter Doubtful Sound on 1770 as it was doubtful that it was navigable under sail. -Photographer
but sis, it looks cold....
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Just say no to cold.
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Well...it might be a little cold. I'm sure it's fine. XD
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@YinofYang No body wants to hear that from an Eskimo/Nunavut baby. Cambodian my butt.
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@Saravy Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm dying over here. I want to laugh out loud, but Matt is sleeping. LMAO!
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