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Lets compare! Which character do you like better Boys Over Flower Ha Jae-kyung, or Meteor Shower Jiang Yuan?? let the vote beginnnn! ! so these 2 drama boys over flower(korea) and Meteor Shower (chinese) are both same! so which character do you guys like better,,,?? Personally i HATTTEEE the chinese version of "Ha Jae-kyung," in Meteor Shower,,,,cause the character in the chinese version is extremely annoying, and overall she was actually a bitch compared to Ha Jae-kyung in Boys Over Flower! have you guys watched Meteor shower before! it is actually a good drama, but annoyingly long,,,! but thats because all the F4 are talked about and has there own "story", unlike boys over flower where it pretty much revolved around Goo Jun-pyo,Yoon Ji-hoo,a bit about Yi-jung and like.....nothing to Woo-bin. (felt so sorry for this character) (not much scenes) But Really! if you guys are having a crappy as day!! and you just want to EXPLODE your anger and frustration out but dont know how, you should really watch Meteor Shower 2! Jiang Yuan annoying character in Meteor Shower will really help.!
I've only seen Boys Over Flowers and personally her character annoyed me. Just when she aegyo to joonpyo I was like um... lmao. Then again I haven't seen Meteor shower
and the character of lee min jung in bof is waaaaay nicer compared to the one in meteor Shower!
lee min jung she's more prettier than jiang yuan