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Choi Jin Hyuk is a new addition to the cast of 'Heirs', joining Min Ho and Shin Hye! He will be acting as the older brother for Lee Min Ho's character. Do you think he looks familiar? He's Wol Ryung from Gu House Book! However the character that he's playing in 'Heirs' will adapt a very different image. 'Heirs' will air in October and the plot is about friendship and love between high school students. This is such a good news!!! I love him in Gu Book!!! But hopefully he will have a happy ending love this time <3
that is seriously the best thing I've heard all day. I couldn't wait before but this makes it 100x worse
@winterlovesong so u hope in gu book and happy end .....:) me toooo ...... me dont want to cry ^_^ oaaaaaaa
@winterlovesong the cast is the best i cant wait u cried hohohoho
i loved him in gu family book and panda and hedgehog
yeah sure I saw him and cried a lot when he found that the woman he loved a lot the reason of his pain.abd saw him islands and hedgehog
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