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Have you ever fallen in love with a drama and wanted it to never end? Well, if you ran the show and could have any sequel come out in 2016, WHAT WOULD IT BE?

For me...

Coffee Prince!

I want to see Eunchan be a bad ass and run her shop and become crazy successful and great :D

Plus I want more of those EPIC kiss scenes!

What about you?!

What sequel do YOU want to see?!

Make a card about it and tag me^^


What bromance NEEDS to come back or finally happen in 2016?!

I would like to watch a Sequel of Boys Over Flowers.. with exact same it would actually be a sequel of their life after they all got reunited in the end.. what happened after that.. I would love to see Jandi.. as Mrs.Gu.. lol.
Yass!!! The moon embracing the sun ended AMAZINGLY!! But there needs to be more!!!! Ahhh
OMG yes I want more Coffee Prince!!!
@destiny1419 .. yes the surplus pricess.. it did seems like it would have e a sequel..but nothing happened.. we need a sequel for that. .
I need a sequel to GAP DONG it left off on such a cliff hanger (literally) and it still has some very big unanswered questions. Also The Surplus Princess that left so many unanswered questions as well! I NEED ANSWERS !!
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